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Soooooo lucky!
Running Man has been ~running~ for more than a decade now and it continues to make *everyone* happy. It's not just a favorite in South Korea but also in other parts of the world, particularly in the Philippines. And just
You’ll be joining many other fandoms by the time you finish these shows.
If you love K-pop, you're probably already familiar with survival shows like Produce 101 and I-Land. The good news is, there are plenty more shows where that came from, and you can take your pick of genres and artists,
Mark your calendars!
It's going to be one exciting September for PH Runners because the longest-running SBS variety show is set to hold an online fan meeting via Tiktok!Running Man has been making fans happy since 2010 and it became an
These shows will make you think while also having fun!
There's always something new and interesting to watch when it comes to Korean variety! From talent and survival shows to home improvement and cooking shows, they've got it all.Who's in it: Kang Ho Dong, Kim Jong Min, Shindong (
More shows to watch when you can’t get enough of Seung Gi!
So here's the situation: The series Mouse just ended, and you have a Lee Seung Gi hangover. The dilemma: You've already watched all of his K-dramas! Lucky for you, Seung Gi is a certified multi-hyphenate, so he's
Check out these shows and feast your eyes and ears on Korean cuisine and more!
We *love* food, and we love watching shows about them just as much! If you're not in the mood to whet your appetite with your fave mukbang, Korean variety shows are a great source for mouthwatering spreads of local cuisine (and
Go around the world without leaving your home.
If there's one thing we really miss doing right now, it's traveling! Whether you're wandering locally or abroad, there's something freeing about going on adventures in places far from home. If you're feeling the quarantine blues, don'
We love her!
Since 2013, The Return Of Superman (TROS) has been showing us how Korean celebrity dads would take care of their children as they feed them, lull them to sleep, and do fun activities together. This year, the variety show's broadcasting
Goodbye to our girin :(
Article updated: June 14, 2021, 9:00 p.m.On the same broadcast schedule of his final appearance in Running Man, Lee Kwang Soo took to Instagram and thanked everyone who supported him during his 11-year stint in the variety show.
Our good boy, Kim Seon Ho is also nominated!
It's that time of the year again when South Korea's entertainment industry recognizes the best of the best in their version of the Oscars-the 57th Baeksang Arts Awards. Every second quarter of the year, the prestigious Baeksang
Our pambansang krung-krung is making serious bank!
Sandara Park first gained recognition after joining the ABS-CBN talent search Star Circle Quest (SCQ) in 2004 (Fun fact: It was Pauleen Luna who encouraged her to join the competition!), and the 36-year-old became even more well-known when
Awww, Eun Woo!
Behind the scenes of the webtoon drama True Beauty, we get to see Cha Eun Woo as one playful actor. He would often *tease* his co-star, Moon Ga Young, and play tricks on his other castmates. However, we saw a different
Top student, class president, and athlete!
We're pretty sure that Cha Eun Woo is perfect. He has breathtaking visuals, A+ idol skills, outstanding acting chops, and apparently, a perfect student record, too! In a Korean variety show where the True Beauty star made an appearance, it
Oh, to be serenaded by him~
Hello to everyone especially to Kim Seon Ho fans! This weekend's episodes of Start-Up had us crying buckets, so to make things a little better, we're blessing your day with a video of our Han Ji Pyeong, aka Good
Fangirl goals, achieved!
We're pretty sure that BLACKPINK's Lisa is over the moon because her "ideal type", Gong Yoo, just sent her his autograph along with a message!MORE BLACKPINK STORIES IN YOUR AREA:BLACKPINK recently appeared in the Korean variety show Knowing
'It was to the extent that the cars couldn’t pass.'
Who else is whipped for Kim Seon Ho because of Start-Up? The 34-year-old actor has been gaining massive recognition recently (if he's also all over your Facebook feed, please raise your hand!) and is considered the newest cause
Yay! The BFFs will be together again in another show!
We have a lot of things to look forward to this 2021: Aside from the list of binge-worthy K-dramas that will be broadcasted, word just got out that celebrity BFFs Park Seo Joon and Choi Woo Shik will star in
Welcome to a different side of K-entertainment.
We love K-dramas for the kilig we feel and the lessons we pick up from each one of them, but when we're in the mood to laugh until tears form, we turn to another genre of Korean TV entertainment:
Omo, it includes 'Running Man' and 'Music Bank!'
Huge news: Television giant GMA Network is bringing some of your favorite Korean variety shows and programs closer to you through the world's first Asian pop culture digital channel, Hallypop! You can view this through GMA Affordabox, a plug-and-play
The more you know!
K-dramas and even Korean variety shows have been steadily gaining popularity worldwide over the years. Their unique concepts have been admired internationally to the point that other countries have made their own local adaptations of Korean shows. Below, we list down