He cited 'personal reasons'  for his decision.
Looks like Kylie Jenner Cosmetics is going through some changes. Apparently, Coty (the company that bought a majority stake in Kylie Cosmetics for $600 million) just announced that incoming Kylie Beauty CEO Christoph Honnefelder will not be assuming the role due to
Apparently, Kris is in 'panic mode' rn.
As you might recall, Forbes casually dropped an article on Friday titled Inside Kylie Jenner's Web of Lies-and Why She's No Longer a Billionaire, in which it legit accused Kylie of inflating her personal wealth and forging
She's since hit back at the allegations.
The Kardashian-Jenners are no strangers to drama, but we definitely didn't see this one coming. Forbes has claimed Kylie Jenner inflated her net worth and has stripped the reality star of her billionaire status.There's no denying
It's an instant facelift!
By now, your Instagram and TikTok feeds are probably filled with girls whose makeup looks almost cat-like, with straight brows and elongated eyes-just like the signature makeups styles of Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner. There are three ways to score
Damn, am I Team Kylie on this one?
Quarantine might be boring AF for most of us, but Kylie Jenner is keeping herself and her fans entertained with an endless stream of content. Even if you're not normally a Keeping Up With the Kardashians fan, do yourself a favor
Uhm, okay.
While city dwellers are stuck in one-bedroom apartments and charitable foundations are scrambling for donations amid the coronavirus pandemic, Kylie Jenner is out here dropping millions on a new mansion. True, Kylie is a billionaire, so spending a few million probably
Another '90s trend is back!
Survey says '90s trends will always be cool. In a year-ender report, Pinterest said that styles from this ~glorious~ decade will resurface, and boy oh boy, it was right! Scrunchies, brown lippies, and snap clips are all over Instagram RN.
I feel seen.
Much like the rest of the country, Kylie Jenner has been staying TF at home and doing her part to flatten the curve. But the reality star was spotted out and about in Los Angeles over the weekend and looked So. Freakin'.
It's part of her lockdown natural hair regime now.
Our good pal Kylie Jenner's no stranger to a hair switch-up-remember that sprawling blonde braid she sported at the poolside (it was only at the beginning of March, but that might as well be six years ago, I've
Aaaaand they're all sweatproof (because, duh).
Here's the thing about summer hairstyles: Unless they're fast, easy, and sweatproof, no one's wearing them. That's why I've made it my personal mission to make sure the summer 2020 hair trends
She's making all our pastel dreams come true.
We know that out of all of her siblings, Kylie Jenner is easily the Kardashian fam's queen of wigs. Homegirl is not afraid to switch it up, and her history of wearing multiple hair colors throughout the years is literally
Welp, it looks like Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott might be back together again after splitting up in October. Kylie raised eyebrows last weekend when she posted three (3!) flirty pics of her and Travis on Insta with the caption, "it'
No, literally nothing.
Kylie Jenner recently went on yet another of her extremely FOMO-inducing vacations and proceeded to spam everyone's Instagram feeds with gorgeous photos that definitely aren't making me jealous as I sit here in sweats, it's
Welcome back to another episode of 'Ah, So That's How the Other Half Lives!'
Admit it: Despite your best efforts, you've probably been caught scrolling mindlessly on Kylie Jenner's Instagram feed these past few days, and TBH, I can't even blame you-the girl is on the most enviable vacation
Giving us big Rapunzel energy.
Kylie Jenner-no stranger to big hair transformations-has yet again stunned the internet with a new style.Kylie's hair has had a big few months, after she chopped off her mane in February, and then dyed it golden brown
She wouldn’t do this if they weren’t dating again, right?!
Hi, hello, and welcome to my spiral, 'cause Kylie Jenner just posted a ~*very*~ flirty Instagram Story all about her ex-boyfriend Travis Scott, and I NEED to know what it means!!!The couple broke up in October but have been on
Talk about being protective.
Rise and shine, it's another morning in the Kylie Jenner empire, (and therefore a beautiful day for trademarking!)Yep, it's true-the billionaire beauty gal has managed to out-Kylie herself, adding to her list of registered trademarks
'So buy another year, what’s the problem.'
The Kardashians and Jenners are a controversial family that's always in the public eye, so there's hardly a day that goes by when they don't get dragged for hawking "detox teas," their Photoshop fails, or their frequent cultural appropriation
'She said what she had to say.'
Look, I know we're all trying to move on from the *breathes exhausted sigh* Tristan Thompson/Khloé Kardashian/Jordyn Woods cheating scandal of 2019. But in case you are wondering where Jordyn currently stands with America's First Reality
She changed her hair again!
Literally a day after Kylie Jenner surprised us all with new, short hair, the 22-year-old has changed it up again-this time going for a long, golden brown style that makes her look a lot like older sister Kim.Just
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