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Who WOULDN'T get these stars?!
When a Korean superstar endorses a brand, chances are, their loyal fans wouldn't even think twice about purchasing items from that label. This is why a lot of companies get high-profile personalities as their ambassadors-it's a
They make *very* convincing models!
There's no denying how South Korea is widely popular as an authority in the beauty world. The K-beauty industry paved the way for a lot of trends: From glass skin, cushion compacts, snail ingredients, and gradient lips to name a
The OG lip gloss Of the early 2000s is back!
Once upon a time, girls showed off their glossy pout, and their pics were all over MySpace and Friendster. It was the early 2000s, the time when Lizzie McGuire and Britney Spears were considered to be the top beauty influencers. Nokia was
Your favorite Hollywood femmes take on their newest roles as the faces of some of the biggest makeup brands.
When it comes to what we put on our faces, we Cosmo gals want only the best. And when our favorite celebs swear by certain beauty products, we definitely take heed--especially when they've got traffic-stopping looks like these. Three
Keep your skin flawless and fair this sunny season with the help of brightening products for every step of your regimen.
Some girls love to tan during summer, but a lot of women want to keep their fair complexion or achieve an even more radiant skin tone even while they have fun in the sun (yes, it is possible). Whatever your goal, the
Discover this classic Pinay beauty's essentials, found inside her organized Furla tote.