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The struggle to have perfectly curled lashes is real.
If you're Asian, chances are you have super straight lashes, so we're dedicating this post to you!It just makes your eyes look bigger and more awake!Accidentally pinching your lid or ripping out your lashes is never
One of these is a dupe for a cult fave eyelash curler!
Eyelash curlers may look the same, but trust us, they're not created equally-some will pinch your eyes, while others will give your peepers perfectly flutterly lashes in an instant. To prove that you don't need to spend
This is NOT what dreams are made of.
Our deepest fear-a lash curler mishap-has actually happened, you guys.Reddit user Aub3912 shared how she pulled off her lashes with her eyelash curler while doing her regular makeup routine, because she accidentally sneezed while curling her fringes."I really