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Step 1: Take your natural lashes into consideration.
Eyelash extensions allow you to skip eye makeup (especially mascara and liner) because they're enough to define your peepers. They last up to six weeks, depending on how they're taken care of. We totally get why some girls
Are New Lounge lashes worth the hype?
We're always on the lookout for the Next Big Thing, and these days, that usually means spending a lot of time on Instagram and checking out what celebs and influencers are into. In terms of beauty, though, we spotted a huge
Achieve gorgeous peepers 24/7!
False lashes are nice, but let's be real: It's nakakatamad to apply them every day. Good thing lash extensions serve as a semi-permanent solution! You'll get gorgeous peepers 24/7!If you're thinking
The struggle to have perfectly curled lashes is real.
If you're Asian, chances are you have super straight lashes, so we're dedicating this post to you!It just makes your eyes look bigger and more awake!Accidentally pinching your lid or ripping out your lashes is never
Prices start at P550!
We Asians aren't exactly blessed in the lash department, but lucky for us, we can get ~*lash extensions*~ for pretty and flirty peepers 24/7. Here's where you can get them done, depending on your budget:Price: P550Location:
Turns out, having lush lashes is a lot of work, but being able to bat them is worth it.
If you wake up with Bambi-like lashes, then more power to you. But if you're like the rest of the general population and need a little help in the lash department, these tips from Courtney Akai, owner of Courtney Akai columnist Bianca Valerio gives the lowdown on falsies and extensions. Learn how to remove them without damaging your delicate lashes.
Twitter question from @AveSoriano: "How do you protect your eyelashes after wearing falsies? Is there an advisable period for 'giving it a rest?'"Hey love, this question is really important because there is such little information out there when it comes to