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Yay for affordable options!
Dry shampoo is every girl's life-saver. It refreshes your hair when you skip shampoo, gives it instant volume with one spritz, adds grip so that your clips don't slide down, and cools down your body when you&#
You need one right now, seriously.
Contrary to the belief that stick foundations aren't for everyday use because of their thick, heavy coverage, these next-gen finds are lightweight and can shave minutes off your daily makeup routine.It cuts foundation application in half.You simply
Look pretty in 300 seconds or less.
If you've only got five minutes to spare to "put on your face," or you want that IDGAF-but-still-do look, these convenient and easy-to-use products will make you look gorgeous in 300 seconds or less.Brow CrayonThe
Less effort, maximum impact!
Being a lazy girl does not need to equate to looking terrible. Thanks to these easy tricks, you can be gorgeous all the time with little effort! 1. Instead of buffing on foundation, just conceal dark circles and pimples to fake flawless
You don't have to sweat through your shirt to make your workout count.
How many times have you considered going to the gym, but ended up opting out because you had already washed your hair that day, couldn't spare enough time for a workout and shower, or didn't want to get your clothes
All the style without the stress.
Getting dressed can get soooo annoying when you're not in the mood. The solution? Wardrobe essentials that will look polished and presentable even if it literally took you one minute to put them together. Here are 10 to rely on during
All it takes is a little patience and the right products.
1. Start with a simple skin care routineIf there's anything you should learn about skin care in your 20s, it's that it shouldn't be complicated. Stick to a three-step skin care regimen-that is, cleanse, tone, and moisturize-
Fake it until you take it.
You're not alone if you sometimes skip showering-it's hard to wake up 20 minutes earlier on a Monday! That said, you don't have to leave the house looking like a greasy, smelly mess either. Here are nine ways