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It's a lazy girl's dream accessory.
TBH, it's easy to get stumped with hairstyle ideas, especially in the morning, when you're too frazzled to think creatively. When all else fails, we often turn to the default 'do every girl has mastered-the ponytail.
Are you the Homebody Tamad, the Daydreaming Tamad, or the Rarely Tamad?
You're too ambitious to just trudge along day by day; in fact, you're out there speeding towards every goal and snapping up every opportunity that comes hurtling your way. You would do anything to make your visions of career success (
It's a minimalist's dream.
If you're running out of hairstyle ideas, just bring out your hairpins (metallic ones, preferably) to create the coolest looks.Follow Ira on Instagram.
Minimum effort, maximum impact.
It's tempting to just leave the house with a bare face, especially when you're not feeling it. Although there's certainly nothing wrong with going au naturel, a bit of makeup can uplift your mood and camouflage
You probably already have them in your closet!
Halloween is the perfect excuse to dress up, but if you're too lazy or busy to look for an outfit, you can always turn to RTW pieces. With a little styling and some hair and makeup magic, you'll be surprised
Comfort over everything.
The recurring fashion trend now more than ever is comfort. In fact, the simpler, more comfortable your OOTD is, the cooler you look. Below are fashion's best answers to your most tamad days.1. Anything black for when you "have nothing
Yay for affordable options!
Dry shampoo is every girl's life-saver. It refreshes your hair when you skip shampoo, gives it instant volume with one spritz, adds grip so that your clips don't slide down, and cools down your body when you&#
You need one right now, seriously.
Contrary to the belief that stick foundations aren't for everyday use because of their thick, heavy coverage, these next-gen finds are lightweight and can shave minutes off your daily makeup routine.It cuts foundation application in half.You simply
Look pretty in 300 seconds or less.
If you've only got five minutes to spare to "put on your face," or you want that IDGAF-but-still-do look, these convenient and easy-to-use products will make you look gorgeous in 300 seconds or less.Brow CrayonThe
Less effort, maximum impact!
Being a lazy girl does not need to equate to looking terrible. Thanks to these easy tricks, you can be gorgeous all the time with little effort! 1. Instead of buffing on foundation, just conceal dark circles and pimples to fake flawless
Tamad girls, take note!
Every morning, it's most likely mind-numbingly hot, plus you're cranky because you're still sleepy-so your hair is probably the last thing you care about. But when it's one of those I-want-to-look-good-but-
Slip on, slip off.
Still don't have a pair of slides in your collection? That's about to change, especially after you see these super cute styles that make putting on your shoes easy AF. Tamad girls, these are for you.Criss-cross slip-ons,
Serving up inspiration so you won't have to think.
1. Dress up your favorite white kicks with a crushed velvet slip dress.2. Repurpose your one-piece swimsuit from last summer by wearing it with high-waist jeans.3. Coordinating separates keep it sleek yet effortless.4. Roll up the sleeves
Super bagay with a white tee and denim cutoffs.
Spontaneous plans have a way of popping up on lazy days, but being tamad is no excuse to roll out of bed without even running a brush through your hair. Instead, try one of these seriously painless hairstyles that will have you
Because you’re never not wearing them.
You can't get any more classic than a white t-shirt paired with denim jeans! The obvious pitfall of such a timeless combination, however, is that it can sometimes come off too bland. Thankfully, that's easily remedied with these styling
When all else fails…
There are countless reasons why someone would wear her hair in a bun, but often, it's usually as simple as this: "I can't be bothered to give a fuck." Celebrities pull out this trick in between elaborate braids and shampoo
We can all learn a thing or two from the supermodel.
A girl can't live on short dresses and booty shorts alone, and Gigi Hadid is living proof of that. While the supermodel is no stranger to dreamy, elaborate designer clothing (they're part of her job, after all), she's also
All the style without the stress.
Getting dressed can get soooo annoying when you're not in the mood. The solution? Wardrobe essentials that will look polished and presentable even if it literally took you one minute to put them together. Here are 10 to rely on during
Time to do nothing, CGs!
You don't always have to go out to make the most out of your weekend. For days when you just want to laze around with your BFF, surrounded by your favorite pizza boxes, try watching these shows:For something new: 1.
You wish clouds would send Wi-Fi signals instead of rain.