Talented AND stylish!
These big and small-screen actors have certainly gone far in their careers, all while looking amazing every step of the way! Here are the best-dressed Filipino leading men who have caught our eye:How could AldenĀ ~*not*~ be on this
One Enrique-Liza-Gerald sandwich coming up!
Liza Soberano has two leading men in her new movie Everyday, I Love You. Sure, there's her default onscreen partner Enrique Gil, but Gerald AndersonĀ also stars in the flick!In a report by ABS-CBN, Liza revealed that she found
So many hunky actors heated up the big screen last year with their soulful eyes and chiseled bods. Find out who made it to our list!
As we welcome a new year, let's first look back on the awesome year we've had in film...particularly when it comes to lead actors. We know that if there's one thing that's guaranteed to have you girls
These men from the movies are guaranteed to make your heart melt!
We started young on this dream of finding The One. Wasn't that the recurring theme of our favorite fairy tales--finding the handsome Prince Charming who will love us for the rest of our beautiful lives? As we grew up, these
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