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Plus, learn how to do it the right way.
What do jade rollers, cellulite creams, and dry brushes all have in common? Cult followings of people spreading the ~gospel~ of how great they are for improving "lymphatic drainage" or "reducing cellulite." The flip side? They also have equally large legions of
The answer is much simpler than you think.
A few weeks ago, while watching Taylor Swift perform on Good Morning America before her Lover album drop, I had two major questions that I can't get out of my head, all these days later.How the f*ck did
They need TLC, too!
Our legs go through a lot. Aside from being exposed to dirt, bacteria, and pollution, they're also constantly shaved, waxed, and bitten by mosquitoes. All of those can lead to bumpy, scarred gams. If you want them to always look
Yes to flawless legs!
Getting scars on your legs is normal. Whether it's because you used to get minor scrapes and cuts while playing outside as a kid, or you're just clumsy AF as an adult. The point is, we've
Give 'em some much-needed TLC!
Whether you've walked all day in heels or flats, your legs and feet need to rest. Here's how to give 'em some TLC.Soaking your legs and feet in warm water can soothe and comfort your tired
Have legs for days!
Leg exercises develop your leg muscles, which is great! But if you want lean legs, developing those muscles isn't enough, because they can be hidden under layers of fat. Once or twice a week, do these exercises that slim the legs
Research shows that women with strong legs will have a fit brain when they get older!
A study published in Gerontology has found that women who have strong legs have a "fit" brain that resists the effects of aging. The researchers, who did the study for 10 years, said that there was a "striking protective relationship" between high
Here's how to make the most of your best assets despite the cold.
A sweater that is also a dress? Ingenious.Not only can you basically just throw on one of these and not worry about being cold or uncomfortable, but it's also a great way of getting your legs out in the cool
Thick thighs? Yes. Thin thighs? Yes. Regs thighs? 100 percent yes.
1. When you wrap them around him. Whether you're giving him a full-body hug or cuddling in bed or doing something else in bed (I'm talking about having sex), there's nothing like feeling your legs wrapped around his
Learn how to save yourself from strappy sandals.
Gladiator-style sandals and espadrilles might look effortlessly chic, but they can really stress out your feet, ankles, and calves. (Exhibit A: Kim Kardashian's gladiator feet above.)Super-tight sandals put pressure on the vein walls, which can slow blood flow
If you still don't use shaving cream, now's the time.
You sit down too much.It's hard to leave your desk when there's so much to do. But sitting for a really, really long time can give you varicose veins and blood clots, since sitting down too much slows down
Candice Swanepoel had it easy in life.But not everyone was blessed with gams that go on FOREVER.While it's easier to mope and be mad at the universe for NOT giving us Victoria's Secret super model legs, we at
Believe it or not, it can help reduce the appearance of cellulite.
Did you know you can minimize cellulite without having to go under the knife?Yep, it's called dry brushing-and it's actually really easy to do! All you need is a round brush with natural bristles (artificial bristles
Five exercises to tone those thunder thighs.
Source: GiphyThigh gap: The space between a woman's inner thighs when she stands straight with her knees together. If you've ever seen a Victoria's Secret model (one of them even has a Twitter account dedicated to this body part),
During your spare time at home, just follow this video of yoga poses that help strengthen and tone your legs. Say goodbye to cellulite!
Watch the continuation of our workout routine for your legs. Get toned, lean, beach-ready gams for the season--without taking up too much of your time!
Wondering which process of hair removal is best? We give you a rundown of the pros and cons of each plus some tips that might come in handy!
Our hair is supposed to be our crowning glory. Problem is, if it's growing in unsightly places, where's the glory in that? Here are tips and tricks for you, Cosmo gals, on how to handle that hairy situation:BLEACHING: The
Want to give a sexy and sultry impression on men? Show your skin on the right parts and leave guys fantasizing and wanting more.
We all know men love sexy women--it's just that they define "sexy" in different ways. Aside from the woman's shape and cup size, another thing that would determine sexiness for them is just around which part of
From watching a foreign film to the sight of a woman's behind, find out from real men what really triggers their erection!
Planning on showing off those gams in short shorts or a cute mini? Make sure they look gorgeous and slim with these tips.<br />
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