Seemingly SFW, but actually not.
If you've ever found yourself not-so-subtly leafing through a novel to bookmark the next steamy sex scene, you're probably into erotica. Sometimes it's your imagination is better at getting you going than actually looking at sweaty bodies,
'Why did you cut your hair? Are you a lesbian?' Such a stupid question.
Sue Ramirez is tired of people asking why she decided to sport a pixie cut.The actress took to Twitter to air out some frustrations and debunk a common misconception. Many have gossiped that she cut her hair assuming that she is
'Ganyan naman po talaga kami ni Sue ever since naging magkaibigan kami.'
The friendship of Sue Ramirez and Maris Racal is now under fire after people online insinuated that they might be in a lesbian relationship. A netizen under the handle @EmeraldstoneNew said, "Nababawasan ang kilig ko sa MarNigo each time ginagawang biro nila
Are you ready to fight for and alongside them as sisters-in-arms?
Though we've made strides in shedding a light to #HerStory and advocating how we can #PressForProgress, the ASEAN SOGIE Caucus challenges our notions of womanhood pointing out that, "when we #PressForProgress for women, we must ask: For which women?"In a
Because it's very, very real. You just have to know what you're doing.
My most memorable scissoring experience went a little something like this: My girlfriend and I took a trip after a few hectic weeks. Until our trip, our sex life consisted of us falling asleep mid-cowgirl. To prep for our trip, I
Can LGBT couples start a family?
Graduate college? Check. Get a job? Check! Get married, have kids? Check?That may be the path most people follow-some because they really want to and others because of societal pressure-but for the LGBT community in the Philippines, it's
First rule: Get comfy.
When it comes to oral sex positions, the 69 is the ultimate classic. Rather than one partner pleasuring another, this super sexy position is all about mutual, simultaneous pleasure, which is why it's so hot. That said, pulling off a
For one, why is there a man there?
Ah yes, lesbian porn: a cornerstone of the porn industry and also the reason that many lesbians don't watch porn. It's a fact of science that lesbian porn is made for straight men, despite being called, you know, "lesbian" porn.
'There is no boundary when it comes to gender. Bakit natin huhusgahan iyon?'
Jasmine Curtis-Smith currently stars alongside Louise Delos Reyes in the film Baka Bukas. The buzz around the film came about from the lesbian love story shared by the two female leads: Alex (played by Jasmine) unexpectedly falls in love with her
Who else has a bit of a crush on Alex besides me?
The Long Plot, Sans Spoilers:Alex (Jasmine Curtis-Smith) is a 23-year-old lesbian writer-director-photographer-production designer-social media manager who is out to her family and friends-except for the best friend she's secretly in love
Her boyfriend Matthieu Declercq was right there cheering her on during the 65th Miss Universe pageant.
A picture paints a thousand words, so the cliché goes. But in the case of Miss Universe 2016 Iris Mittenaere, the story spun from several pictures of her and her friend, Miss France 2015 Camille Cerf, got out of hand.ICYMI, some
The landlady once said, 'Nakakahiya. Baka isipin ng mga tao na tumatanggap ako ng tenant na bakla.'
Vannesa Tanghal, a college student, lives in an apartment in Manila, and some people there watch her every move. There's the electrician, the house helper, and the other tenants. Her landlady's driver peers through an opening on her wall and
Lesbians do not want to be called "he" (or "him").
I'm out for breakfast with my extended family. Our group is large, and lots of conversations are going on. Somehow, the topic turns to lesbians. An aunt sitting a few seats away loudly asks: "Ariel, how many lesbians are there in
"I stumbled over to the beach, pulled my tampon out of me, and threw it in the water."
Many people find sex in public thrilling. It's illegal and anyone could walk in at any time, which are both reasons that make it seem pretty hot in theory but not always hot in practice. spoke with five lesbians
"I decided to check on her again only to find she had totally passed out on the toilet..."
Awkward sex happens to everyone-straight, gay, bisexual, awkward sex knows no bounds. spoke with 11 lesbians to find out their most awkward sexual experiences and the results were basically the best.1. "She used the phone's screen light
My mother said, "Well, you do own a lot of blazers."
Coming out stories are so much more varied than what you see in the few stories told on television and movies, so asked real-life lesbians for their stories of how they finally came out.The first one comes from
Breasts are ~*everywhere*~ all the time.
1. Having an amazing (and coincidentally hot) person who's always there when you need them.No matter what else happens in your life, she understands you in a way no one else does and when something awesome happens to you, she
An Argentinian child discovered a penis on her doll.
According to the Daily Mail, the world's first transgender toy doll is on sale at a popular Argentinian toy store.A mother posted a picture on Facebook after her three-year-old daughter found what seems to be a penis under
Ever been attracted to a fellow femme? Cosmo investigates why more girls are experimenting with bisexuality.
Girlfriends have always formed tight bonds with each other. But lately, a growing number of straight chicks are doing their bed. A recent study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that 14 percent of women in their
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