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Enough is enough, girl.
If your current relationship is draining you out instead of inspiring you to do better, it's probably better to take a break or leave for good. Sure, we're all for doing your best to make your relationship work, but you
Our hearts are breaking into a million pieces. Kbye.
Khloe Kardashian just published a heartbreaking Instagram post that seems to be her goodbye letter to estranged husband Lamar Odom.After being separated for a couple of years now, Khloe stuck by her husband's side as he went through rehabilitation after
Like diets and high heels.
Being happy should be simple, but with all these insane rules and social pressures that we put on ourselves, it's actually kind of hard. Isn't that so sad? I think it's the worst, personally. A little #LifeHack, though, is
You care too much.
You can't imagine living without him because he has become a constant in your life. When he suddenly disappears from your daily routine, you feel lost and confused because there's a big chunk missing and you don't know what
There's a proven technique to getting more pleasure out of life: staying in--and savoring--the moment. Sounds easy, but it takes a few mental tricks to accomplish.
Question: What were you doing right before reading this article? You may have been sipping a latte or listening to music, but chances are, your head was elsewhere-ruminating about something from the past or plotting about the future, like that guy
The secret to moving forward is living through the distress of disappointments past. Here, we help you ditch yesterday's drama to enjoy a brighter tomorrow.
So, you got dumped by that skinny techno-geek in college, and now he's a rich, buff software entrepreneur. Or, you made your parents happy by studying medicine, ignoring the fact that you hate hospitals.There's nothing wrong with having columnist Bianca Valerio lists down 10 essential questions to ask yourself as you try to move on from the past and start the year right.
Another year has passed. An important question to ask yourself now is: What resolutions have you already started this January? Because time flies so quickly, many of us question how we should go about starting another year, especially with one more damn
If he's still hung up on a past relationship, be wary of falling for him. Avoid potential heartbreak by sussing out how he feels about his former flame.
1. He talks trash.You may think his admission that his ex was a two-timing b#@$% is a sure sign that he's done with her, but that degree of passion--even if it's in the form of anger--proves
Don't let someone else's mistakes bring you down. Here's what you need to do to let go of the pain.
While you know that forgiveness is good for your health, it can be extra difficult to get past the hurt sometimes, especially when you feel wronged by someone you truly care about. "But if you don't try, bitterness and resentment could