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Add this to your list of K-drama locations to visit in Seoul!
Lately, I've been totally obsessing over the K-drama Café Minamdang. It has ~everything~ from mystery, comedy, romance, and last but definitely not the least, Seo In Guk as the male lead. With 10 episodes in, the series revolves around
This city will make your trip to SoKor even more memorable!
Call it whatever you want-either an escape from reality or a way to have fun-traveling definitely allows us to enjoy life. Just imagine if it's for free, who's gonna stay at home? But since it'
Go on a tasty trip down memory lane with the boys!
We dissected the 40 second teaser HYBE released to find out as much as we can about the up-and-coming BTS recipe book, BTS Recipe Book: Tasty Stories, so you don't have to. ARMY knows that official BTS merchandise
They have *egg-stra* toppings that you can choose from!
Ah, egg drop sandwich. That popular snack in South Korea. We first saw this in Hospital Playlist and we've been craving it since then, especially since more K-dramas (like 18 Again and Jirisan) feature it in some scenes. The
Look at that savory goodness!
Trust Koreans to offer something new once in a while-sometimes they're outfit ideas, other times they're food trends! Dunkin' Korea just ~collaborated~ with fried chicken restaurant chain Kyochon and we're in awe of the
Fly Gangwon now flies direct from Clark to Yangyang!
ICYMI: South Korea reopened two of its airports (Jeju International Airport and Yangyang International Airport) to international travelers without the need to present a visa last month!If you're looking for a direct flight, South Korean low-cost airline, Fly
It's ~merch heaven~!
Calling all ARMYs and Carats: The In The Soop Pop-Up Store in Manila is finally open and it's ~very nice~! ;)For those who are new to the BTS and SEVENTEEN fandom, In The Soop is a *healing* reality series
The thought of seeing these places gives us all the feels!
With South Korea opening its doors to the world again, we bet you're already planning your itinerary to the Land of the Morning Calm (and have a checklist for your Korean visa application). The country has so much to offer
Plus tips on how to visit South Korea visa-free!
The South Korean Embassy in the Philippines announced in mid May that it would begin processing ALL visa types including tourist visas starting June 1, 2022. Still not over how intense the application surge gets (at its peak way back in 2019,
No flight ticket to Seoul needed!
If you've watched several K-dramas like True Beauty, you probably noticed one place where some of the characters usually go to for at least one scene-the Korean sauna or jjimjilbang. I remember when I started watching K-dramas,
All for the love of 'Vincenzo.' *winks*
As a student, I was never a fan of coffee. Back then, I didn't like its taste and the ~feeling~ it leaves in the mouth. When I started working, I realized that caffeine is what I need to get me
Heads up, ARMYs!
PH ARMYs, the beloved seven-member group isn't the only comeback you'll look forward to in the coming weeks. Because *finally,* after 123456789 years (or really, just almost two), the BTS-themed Purple 7 Café has reopened! And
It's time to spend your well-deserved vacation here!
South Korea has always been a go-to destination for travelers. Whether you're a Hallyu fan or not, you'll enjoy the tourist spots here that offer various experiences. There's Seoul for urban dwellers and Busan for
Alexa, play 'Seoul' by Super Junior and Girls' Generation.
Do you ever stare into space and think about the K-drama filming locations that you'll visit once you go to South Korea? How about the ~authentic~ Korean food you'll try and the K-beauty products you'
Check out the Korean series that were filmed here!
One of the ~many~ perks of attending a university in South Korea as a graduate student is definitely having easy access to the filming locations of the K-dramas I'm a big fan of. With the popularity of coming-of-
It's a whole new world of treasures for your reading pleasure!
When you're new to K-pop or K-drama, you're probably amazed at discovering new things every day. Aside from the wide variety of music, movies, dramas, and artists you can get into, there are different other aspects
They're also called Korean rice balls!
Sobrang nakakatakam talaga ng Korean food, 'no?! When a K-drama episode shows the cast eating, my tummy would often grumble in inggit. Is it the same for you guys, too? And sometimes, I'm not even salivating over the
From coffee to egg drop sandwiches!
Tagaytay isn't the only place in the south you can spend your precious weekends at! Located in Las Piñas City, a Korean street cafe by the name of 8 By The Street just opened for all the foodies who
BRB, ordering a box of strawberry-filled donuts!
ICYMI: Kim Soo Hyun is the newest brand ambassador of Dunkin' Philippines! The good news was announced last month and to make everyone's heart flutter, the coffee and donut label released Soo Hyun's first CF (commercial film-
*Life is sweet like* these treats!
Cakes will always make everything butter (*wink*), especially when it's designed in your favorite characters. Our fellow ARMY, we're in for a treat-Goldilocks just released their limited-edition BT21 fondant cakes and it won't be