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Check out the Korean series that were filmed here!
One of the ~many~ perks of attending a university in South Korea as a graduate student is definitely having easy access to the filming locations of the K-dramas I'm a big fan of. With the popularity of coming-of-
It's a whole new world of treasures for your reading pleasure!
When you're new to K-pop or K-drama, you're probably amazed at discovering new things every day. Aside from the wide variety of music, movies, dramas, and artists you can get into, there are different other aspects
They're also called Korean rice balls!
Sobrang nakakatakam talaga ng Korean food, 'no?! When a K-drama episode shows the cast eating, my tummy would often grumble in inggit. Is it the same for you guys, too? And sometimes, I'm not even salivating over the
From coffee to egg drop sandwiches!
Tagaytay isn't the only place in the south you can spend your precious weekends at! Located in Las Piñas City, a Korean street cafe by the name of 8 By The Street just opened for all the foodies who
BRB, ordering a box of strawberry-filled donuts!
ICYMI: Kim Soo Hyun is the newest brand ambassador of Dunkin' Philippines! The good news was announced last month and to make everyone's heart flutter, the coffee and donut label released Soo Hyun's first CF (commercial film-
*Life is sweet like* these treats!
Cakes will always make everything butter (*wink*), especially when it's designed in your favorite characters. Our fellow ARMY, we're in for a treat-Goldilocks just released their limited-edition BT21 fondant cakes and it won't be
Is it true? Yes! *wink*
Remember when we all watched True Beauty in 2020 and life was good? We would wait for new episodes every week, replay the scenes just because, and have a ~discussion~ on social media right after. Apart from the drama itself, it was
If you're looking for a sign to pursue that master's and doctoral degree, this is it!
One of my biggest dreams is to get a master's degree in South Korea and I'm happy to know that I can do it *soon* for free! I know there are a lot of Hallyu fans who are
Oh, the simple joys of love!
You have probably seen at least one of these Love Is... illustrations on your Facebook newsfeed in the last few years ever since this artwork series has gone viral on social media. But did you know that the artist behind these lovely
We miss this drama so much!
Remember the space Yoon Hye Jin (Shin Min Ah) leased in Gongjin to start her dental clinic? It's now open to the public as a restaurant and cafe! Tourists who visited the original filming site in Pohang shared the renovations on
You'll definitely ~like~ this word game!
Have you noticed that your Instagram friends' Stories are all about Wordle these days? If you're an ARMY like us, there's actually a BTS version of this and you're going to ~like~ it!Coined from
Looking for a place where you can unwind?
A K-drama is not a K-drama without a typical scene, aka scenarios that are almost always present to the point that we can already *predict* what will happen next. This includes the mandatory wrist grab, a Subway placement, the masungit
'Cheer's Gabi Butler is a fan—but is it safe to do?
If you're a fan of the hit Netflix series Cheer, then you may be wondering what on earth the watermelon diet is, after seeing cheerleader Gabi Butler discuss going on it (along with teammate Brooke Morosca) in order to '
Alexa, play 'Home' by Janet Suhh while we look at these pretty pics.
As huge fans of Our Beloved Summer, our ~goal~ is to bring you fun facts about the series every week. Last time, we talked about the drama's episode titles that are named after popular movies-today, we're here
Good news coming through!
As K-pop and K-drama fans, our *ultimate* dream is to ~live~ in South Korea someday (for a long period of time). With all things Korean taking the world by storm, this goal might just come true with the help of
We love its retro-modern design!
Hello, Our Beloved Summer fans! We know you've been hooked on this coming-of-age rom-com to the point that you're now looking forward to Mondays, right? Because we feel the same way! We can talk about
This is a different Korean barbecue experience!
Now that you know you can enjoy samgyupsal in Korean barbecue restaurants, in the comfort of your own home, or while glamping in the province, we found a new place to enjoy K-barbecue and all kinds of Korean food. Busan PH
What does it mean? How do you know someone is a 'pick me girl'?
Another day, another valuable lesson from TikTok University. If you've been spending hours on the app during random days, you've probably come across this trend: "Pick me girls." Korean content creators have the most animated skits and storytimes about them.
For your *future* trip to South Korea. ;)
In late November and early December, K-pop sensation BTS held their Permission To Dance concerts in the U.S.-their first live concerts in nearly two years. ARMY from all over the world flew to Los Angeles to see RM, Jin,
To take photos with our fellow ARMY!
It would be an understatement to say that 2021 was a big year for BTS. They released chart-topping singles like "Permission to Dance" and "My Universe"-the second being a groundbreaking collaboration with Coldplay-and recently performed some huge stadium concerts