Slurp it like how they do in K-dramas!
The unpredictable climate we have now is a total bummer-it's the start of 'ber months but there are days that still feel like we're in the middle of summer. Still, bed weather is slowly kicking in, and
Whether you’re a beginner or advanced learner, this one’s for you. And yes, it’s for free!
If you're into K-dramas, K-Pop, and basically the entire Korean culture, we know how much you want to understand what your faves are saying (or singing!) without looking at the English subtitles. Lo and behold: The Korean Cultural Center
It's okay to indulge from time to time.
For its unique and heart-tugging appeal, It's Okay To Not Be Okay truly deserves a spot in every K-drama fan's heart. Put this and the superb acting skills of Kim Soo Hyun, Seo Ye Ji, and Oh Jung
Sipping a cup of coffee while fangirling? Count us in!
A perfect day for us would be spent in a cozy coffee shop with a ~chill~ playlist, and just staring out of the window. Even better if it's spent in the Land of the Morning Calm. But with the current travel
Save these for your next sweat sesh!
Because of the quarantine, not only have we transformed a part of our homes into our personal work spaces, but for some of us, we've also alotted an area for working out. We totally get it, though. Setting fitness goals
There's no stopping the Philippines' biggest book fair.
Every year, the Manila International Book Fair sees long queues and crowded aisles as book lovers from all over the Metro (and even nearby provinces) fill their carts with stacks of books. In January, it was announced that this year's
No need to leave the house to get your MUJI faves!
MUJI fans, we know you've been waiting for the Japanese lifestyle brand to open an online store-and while that day hasn't come just yet, here's the next best thing: MUJI is letting you shop their
The world's bestselling toy once had manufacturing plants in Bataan, Cainta, and Pasig.
Have you ever owned a Barbie doll? Ever since her creation by toy brand Mattel in 1959, it has become a common toy in kids' playrooms, not just in her home country, the United States, but in many other places around
They aren't plain greens, that's for sure!
Indoor plants have more to offer your home than just a splash of green. Pink plants, for one, are a foolproof choice for a dainty splash of color. But if you're a sucker for prints, check out these stunning patterned
Check out these shade-loving houseplants!
Whether you live in a condo or a house, there will be some parts of your home that won't receive as much natural light as the others. Adding greenery to these dim areas might not seem like a good idea,
These are great for indoor cultivation!
As you probably already know, you don't always need soil to cultivate certain kinds of plants. Those that grow in water are great for indoor care as they often don't need too much maintenance. Starting them out, however, may need
Plants need some TLC, too!
In all honesty, quarantine has brought out all kinds of hobbies we were too busy to explore before. For some, it's spending more time in the kitchen and making the latest food trends like dalgona coffee, ube cheese pan de
Baking makes you chill.
If you have ever baked anything before, you would know how much calmer, less stressful it is to bake rather than cook. One of the ways it can be calming is the process. Baking, unlike cooking, goes at a much slower pace.
Who says you need to leave your house to have fun?
Save money while you stay home.
With the community quarantine in place beginning March 15 and the rising number of confirmed COVID-19 cases, most malls in Metro Manila have decided to close indefinitely to help the community safe. Thankfully, groceries and food deliveries continue to operate despite
It aims to reduce road congestion and draw attention to environmental problems.
As of February 29, 2020, Luxembourg has officially become the first country in the world to provide free public transport. Wow!The initiative is part of the country's efforts to reduce road congestion with its rapidly rising population. While other
The prize was P20,000!
ICYMI, Cosmopolitan Philippines recently partnered with livestreaming app Kumu for a Cosmo Quiz Mo Ko mobile game show! Hosted by Kia Del Rosario, the quiz show aired on Thursday, February 6. It featured 10 questions that covered all things Cosmo-from entertainment,
Download the stickers and be part of the Cosmo Viber community!
ICYDK, we just released a *super cute* sticker set on Viber! It launched on January 27 and is now available on the Viber Sticker Market for free! You can download them until April 27.So how do you get access to these
Here's a crash course on how to be the best IG girlfriend ever.
Traveling with your S.O. is one thing you should try to do at least once. You get to go on adventures to places you've never been before, you learn so much from each other when put out of your comfort
They come in two flavors.
You guys, KFC just introduced a new menu item: Wings!The fast-food chain made the announced its new "Wicked Wings" on January 2.The wings come in two flavors: Garlic Parmesan and Classic Buffalo. Yum! They're available in KFC
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