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Nature lovers, you'll love these tourist spots!
You may know South Korea for its lively city life but there's more to it than the skyscrapers. The Land of the Morning Calm is also where you can relax and enjoy nature at its finest, and one of the
You'll love the flavors from this ~*magic shop*~!
Whether it's the internet-famous Dalgona coffee or the K-drama favorite egg drop sandwiches, we can always rely on South Korea to introduce new food trends. If you have a sweet tooth (and you're an ARMY), you&#
It's pretty easy!
What's your go-to comfort food? At the end of a long day, a bowl of hot ramyeon (or ramen) never fails to make me happy. To make it *extra special,* I add an egg and slices of spam. While
On the lookout for a new oppa or girl crush? These Olympians should be on your radar!
Remember how the Hallyu goddess Lee Sung Kyung transformed into Weightlifting Fairy: Kim Bok Joo? She put on a tiny bit of weight, got a cute bob haircut with bangs, and made wacky, childish faces. All that to distract you from her
*Everyone* is talking about them on SNS!
South Korea is home to many food trends. Remember when everyone *tried* making dalgona coffee? How about when we started ordering Korean cream cheese garlic bread online? Did you also cook your chicken the Korean way? Of course, we can't
I loved it so much, I just had to have more—I found my new favorite sweet chili sauce in the process, too!
ICYDK, the BTS Meal is here only for a limited time. Millions have enjoyed it in the Philippines (and around the globe). We don't know until when we can enjoy the hyped sauces and the merch-worthy purple packaging. But we
It's *so* easy!
Because of all the K-dramas I've been watching these days, there's almost always a Korean dish present on our dining table, LOL. So far, I have tried jjajangmyeon from Coffee Prince, Korean corn dogs featured in Start-
It comes with CHEESE.
Korean food is known for its healthy yet savory options. A meal is never complete without a wide range of side dishes (mostly vegetables), and the main course is guaranteed to satisfy your K-ravings. If you're planning to order
Plus you can learn how to make drinks and desserts!
Aside from binge-watching K-dramas on streaming services, I always go to YouTube whenever I want to unwind after a long day at work. This platform has a variety of content that I'm totally obsessed with, like K-pop
Some of them are recommended by your favorite K-pop idols!
No matter how optimistic you are in life, there will always be those days when nothing seems to motivate you at all-even if you watch a funny K-drama, listen to your favorite K-pop song, or look at the 99+
They're opening their café *soon*!
Our Uju (Kim Jun) is known for three things: He's *super* adorable, he's one smart boy, and he's a foodie! In the first season of Hospital Playlist, we've seen him munch on Korean corn
Planning to migrate for your career or studies? Check these out!
With everything going on right now, don't feel bad if you find yourself dreaming of flying elsewhere and settling down there for a change. Especially if you've been stuck at home for so long. For many of us
The most important thing you need is creativity.
It's a well-known fact that Pinoys are creative. And merch-loving Pinoy BTS fans (ARMY) who lined up for the BTS Meal? Plus the same fans who wish there are official photocards that come with the meal? Their creativity can
They have so many options to choose from!
Whenever we travel to other countries, like South Korea, trying different local cuisines is definitely on our itineraries. But because of the current restrictions, we can only imagine ourselves in the streets of Myeongdong where every corner is filled with Korean food.
In case you're on a budget, ARMY!
The highly anticipated BTS Pop-Up: Map of the Soul store finally opened in Manila on May 29 and will stay up until August 29-have you reserved a slot to visit the outpost? If you're waiting for your scheduled
It was ~24/7 heaven~!
ARMY vibe check: Is everyone still doing okay? Still breathing right? Brain still functioning? Good, good. The past few days have been quite eventful for Filipino ARMY! Let's have a quick recap, shall we? Not only did our favorite boys drop
A new hobby is waiting for you!
I'm the type of person who likes keeping myself busy. When I feel like I've been a couch potato for a long time (aka lying in bed for hours and scrolling my feed nonstop), I would look for
They're like a ~magic shop~!
Hello there, ARMY! Saan na umabot ang pagmamahal niyo para sa BTS? Some fans would spend a hefty amount on merch or attend the group's concerts. Others would have their skin inked with the BTS-inspired designs, while others would
A croissant + waffle = croiffle!
South Korea is home to many food trends-there's the 2020 ~essential~ aka Dalgona Coffee, the flavorful Korean fried chicken, and the goguma bbang (a bread shaped like a *real* purple sweet potato). Lately, I have been noticing a new favorite
She makes it look *so* easy to cook our faves!
I'm a sucker for YouTube videos: From room tours, study vlogs, and walk with me clips in South Korea, there's always something new for me to be obsessed with on this platform. I get excited every time there&#