Congrats, girl!
Kelsey Merritt is living the New York dream. She recently wrapped up shooting for Victoria's Secret Sport in the past weeks, and shared her excitement to be part of another one this week! This time for the brand's
Are you wearing the right bra size?
Finding the right bra is tricky AF-the fit differs for every brand, and most of the time, we just settle for what's available out there. But wearing a bra that FITS you can do wonders: Suddenly your posture is
Because a bra can make or break your outfit.
When it comes to bras, it's never one-type-fits-all. Here are the ones you need to have in your closet:Yes, even if you're not a hardcore gym rat! You'll need a great-fitting sports bra that
But let's face it—you won't be wearing these for long.
FOR STRAIGHT, ATHLETIC BODIESTriangle-shaped bras give the illusion of a bigger bust, while cheeky boy shorts boost a flat bum.Red triangle bra and shorty, P1,690, EtamFOR WOMEN WITH AMPLE CURVESFor a bit more coverage with just as much sex
Sexy AF and Queen Bey-approved.
Can we all agree that no one does pregnancy announcements better than Beyoncé? ICYMI, here's how she revealed to the world that she's pregnant with twins:Her lingerie of choice was even something to write about-various media outlets reported
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