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Lip balm is a staple in every girl's makeup kit. It gives instant relief to dry, chapped lips, and acts as a smoothing base for lipsticks. Also, a flavored lip balm scores plus points because it satisfies our cravings sans
Give your lips extra TLC!
A lip balm is part of everyone's basic routine (even men!). Its main function is to keep our pout supple and become a smooth canvas for lipstick. But the biggest selling point of all is its ability to heal extremely
Perfect for when you want to go bare-faced!
Even if you love doing full-face makeup every day, you know you have to give your skin a break and go au naturel and let it breathe once in a while-but that doesn't mean you have to look
You'll never get dry, chapped lips again!
Getting smooth, kissable lips isn't a complicated thing; all you need to do is take a trip to the nearest drugstore to find myriad affordable options to hydrate those parched puckers. From affordable options such as Chapstick (with a price
Here are all the 69 winners!
For the first time ever, the Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards is 100 percent digital! This means you get to instantly share these top-notch products with your friends with just a tap of your finger, or screencap your faves so you can refer
Try these lickable picks!
Lip balms are pretty standard in every girl's makeup kit-you probably have one hiding somewhere in your bag right now. Aside from its hydrating ability, a major factor in buying one is the flavor.Popular choices like strawberry and
Because every girl needs one!
Lip balms are a kikay kit essential for many Filipinas, and there are many out there at different price points. For example, well-loved brand Chapstick has lip balms with the price of around P90. Other lip balms can set you back
Pick your favorite to throw in your purse!
Need a break from all the matte and drying liquid lipsticks you've been wearing? Then say hello to your new everyday go-to: Tinted lip balms. Our 10 picks will nourish, protect, and moisturize your lips, and add a soft
It's sparkle time!
Anything Glossier drives me crazy, and this teaser got my heart racing! Amelia, a rep of the brand, shared a preview of the company's latest product on her Instagram: a glitter version of the cult fave Balm Dot Com! It
The month of May usually signaled the end of summer when we were kids, but it also meant one thing that never failed to get us excited: shopping for school supplies! Our grade school selves loved finding cute notebooks and pencil cases
It's basically Lisa Frank for your lips.
Lip gloss has been around for what feels like forever, so when you think you've seen or tried them all, in come these holographic, colorful, shimmery, oil-spill-like formulas from Sigma Beauty. Pretty gorgeous and magical, right?!I had to
When life and #adulting dampen our spirits, downing our sorrows with a bottle of red wine often does the trick. Until, of course, we wake up the following day with the mother of all hangovers-and wonder whose brilliant idea it was
Best #throwback product ever!
Remember back in your younger years when you sported a "mood ring" to indicate your ~*true feelings*~ at any given time? (LOL!) Soon, you will be able to get the same thing-but now, it'll be on your lips.MAC just
Good enough to eat, really.
This is not a drill: you can now make a lip balm with your favorite chocolate hazelnut spread-in your own kitchen, no less! FREAKING THE EFF OUT.This video from YouTuber Joanna, whose username is Cute Life Hacks (IKR!), shared this
If you're addicted to Carmex and can't figure out why, chances are it's because you're allergic to something in it. Contrary to all those rumors you've heard about your Carmex lip balm containing glass shards that force
The company now faces legal complaints.
The company behind EOS-or Evolution Of Smooth-lip balms faces a class action lawsuit after a complaint was filed against them on January 12, saying that their products cause severe skin reactions to customers. CNN reports that the plaintiff, Rachael Cronin,
Well, their parent company Bonne Bell is anyway.
According to WKYC, the cosmetic company Bonne Bell is closing all its operations and laying off all its employees later this year.The brand based in Westlake, Ohio, which created Lip Smackers and basically all neon-colored eye shadows of the '90s,
Check out these new lippies from Burt's Bees, now available in Beauty Bar outlets.
Burt's Bees unveiled its new line of all-natural lip balms, shines, and glosses. Take a look at what all the buzz is about:Tinted Lip Balm (P650 each)If you're going for a more natural look, opt for one
Click through the loot you need to recreate summer's makeup trends, with tips and tricks from a makeup expert.
Complement your summer outfits with the season's hottest makeup trends. To learn what they are and how to achieve them, caught up with MAC's senior makeup artist, Nicole Thompson, who shared valuable and easy-to-follow beauty advice columnist Bianca Valerio reveals how products that give you ultra-kissable lips actually work, in case you're planning to use one on V-Day.
Twitter question from @JhegAlcala: "I don't know why, but I think my lip balm made my lips plump (a bit). Is that normal?"There could be a number of reasons your lips plumped up after you applied lip balm. First and
See the <em>Darna</em> star's cute knick-knacks that she carries along with other essentials in her designer bag.
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