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When your usual lip balm just isn't doing the trick.
Before your wrap up your skincare routine at night, don't forget to give your lips some love, too. While a lip balm would usually cut it, we recommend amping it up with a lip mask instead. Why? Aside from being
If you always suffer from chapped lips, try these tips!
Lips, my friends, are also made up of skin, therefore, it needs a proper skincare routine, too! I know this seems extra, but hear me out. When you wear lip tints, matte lippies, and liquid lipsticks, your lips tend to dry out
Because every girl needs one!
Lip balms are a kikay kit essential for many Filipinas, and there are many out there at different price points. For example, well-loved brand Chapstick has lip balms with the price of around P90. Other lip balms can set you back
Say goodbye to dry, flaky lips!
You're bound to participate in quite a few makeout sessions in the days leading up to Valentine's Day (and during, of course), which is why looking after your lips is even more important. And tbh, you really should be caring
Yes, there might actually be a benefit to your sushi addiction.
We don't know about you, but our sushi addiction is probably going to bankrupt us. What can we say, we didn't choose the sushi life, it chose us. But apparently, our sushi habit might have another benefit, one we never
Their color and texture are your tell-tale signs.
Your lips are dry and chapped.1. You're dehydrated. Drink lots of water!2. You lick your lips. Saliva dries the skin of your lips, which makes them more likely to crack and even bleed. Moisturize your lips by putting columnist Bianca Valerio reveals how products that give you ultra-kissable lips actually work, in case you're planning to use one on V-Day.
Twitter question from @JhegAlcala: "I don't know why, but I think my lip balm made my lips plump (a bit). Is that normal?"There could be a number of reasons your lips plumped up after you applied lip balm. First and
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