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Having a lazy day is normal.
I get it. There are days when you just can't even. When you just want to be a potato snuggled up on your bed while listening to that ~*feelsy*~ Spotify playlist. There is nothing wrong with letting go of yourself
You probably have one in your kikay kit right now!
Almost everyone we know has owned at least one Ever Bilena lip and cheek tint product in their lives. Whenever we randomly raid our friends' kikay kits, we always see a tube or two in their pouches. It's a certified
Time to expand your collection!
We love lip tints as much as the next person, but we must admit that owning and wearing the same pink and red hues can be a little boring (plus, they also have the tendency to be too bright on morena complexions).
Kilala pa ba nila tayo?
Since we were all advised to stay at home, those of us who are lucky to work remotely have been wearing pambahay clothes and spending the day without an ounce of makeup on our faces. It's been what? More than
As much as we love lip and cheek tints due to their versatility, some products can fade away even after drinking or eating. Thankfully. brands are always coming out with new and improved formulas, so we can enjoy rosy cheeks and just-
~An investigation.~
It's no secret that K-beauty has taken over our lives. We decided to take a deep dive to find out why Pinays love Korean makeup looks and their products so much. Below, the results of our ~investigation~ and the
If you have skin as good as Julia Barretto's, going barefaced is absolutely not an issue. When you need that extra confidence boost for a selfie though, a little bit of lipstick will always help. Case in point: This no-
Certified kikay kit staples.
Lip tints are considered beauty staples because of their amazing qualities: First, they last long-you'll still see a lovely stain on your pout even after you ate a juicy burger or sipped your daily iced coffee. Second, they'
Keep your routine short and your beauty kit light!
Many beauty junkies would agree that half the fun of wearing makeup is putting it on. If you're the type to secretly talk to yourself and pretend you have your own beauty vlog while fixing your face, we won'
Project time!
The weekend is the perfect time to get crafty. Also, there isn't really any place you can go to so you can opt to maximize your time at home (which we acknowledge is a privilege right now) by doing a
'I get compliments every time I use it!'
If there's one makeup product that we're sure is a ~staple~ in every Pinay's kikay kit, it would be a lip tint. A nifty item that can fit even in the smallest of purses, it comes
BRB, going to the mall!
Revlon teased a makeup release three days ago, and we just had to do some serious stalking to find out what it is until their big reveal. It turns out, they came out with a new product that you'll want
Hello, it's less than a week before Valentine's Day and love is certainly in the air! If your significant other is still looking for ideas on what to give you on the 14th, allow us to turn your
These shades will complement your dusky complexion.
Of the many makeup products we own, there is one that is a staple in every Pinays' kikay kits-lip tints. Here are just some of the many reasons we love them:Most of the shades, however, look like they would
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Lazada has a special treat for us, beauty junkies-there is a huge sale happening right now! From February 7 to 9, Beauty by Lazmall is having The Women's Festival Sale. They slashed the prices of our favorite makeup, skincare,
Shop wisely!
We'll always love lip and cheek tints because they're easy to use and come at affordable price tags. They also last longer than our past relationships, LOL. TBH, we think we can survive a day with just a
Beauty doesn't have to break the bank!
Have you ever thought about how much you've spent on makeup? Is the amount kind of alarming? Well, if you're dying to create new looks but are worried about how much it would cost, then multipurpose products are
Score that perfect, sun-kissed flush!
Lip and cheek tints are a godsend for girls who are on the go and on a budget, because you literally have two products (or sometimes even three, because they can work as an eyeshadow in a pinch too!) in one little
We wore the products during an exercise class to find out!
Kathryn Bernardo's first collaboration with local beauty brand Happy Skin was a huge success. The Generation Happy Skin line was always sold out, and fans and beauty enthusiasts couldn't seem to get enough of it. This is why
It was a week full of rediscovery.
As the Assistant Beauty Editor of Cosmopolitan Philippines, I get sent and try a ton of beauty products. This results in my kikay kit always being a combination of various brands, never from just one-in fact, I actually get excited/kilig