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They ~glide~ on just like butter.
IN2IT, the cosmetics brand known for their long-wearing eyeliners, pigmented blushes, and moisturizing tints, just turned 19! To celebrate their anniversary, they released a limited-edition Liquid Matte Mini collection.The 19th-anniversary collection features 19 shades of liquid lipsticks (obviously!),
It's time to treat yourself.
One of my philosophies in life is that you can never have too much lipstick. It's the cherry on top of your look, one of the few things that you can change throughout the day-whether you feel like putting
Are you more of a bold or nude lip kind of girl?
Applying lipstick is an easy way to look put-together with minimal effort. I personally cannot leave the house without any lip product on, and I feel that a swipe of it is enough to look presentable (or at least alive, LOL).
Dried lips, who?
As much as we love the staying power of liquid lipsticks, we can't get over how drying they are. Luckily, newer formulations have changed the game, and liquid lipsticks are no longer what they used to be. Now, their texture
Check out our swatches here!
There's no denying matte liquid lipsticks have dominated beauty trends, but TBH, we want to try something new. We're now into hydrating lipsticks with long-wearing formulas and good color payoff, and we think we found the best
Get your wallets ready. ;)
The brown lipstick trend is not going anywhere! Say hello to the Sleek MakeUP Matte Me Browns (P450), a capsule collection of liquid lippies that come in varying shades of chocolate. See how gorgeous they look like on the lips in the
Test your knowledge!
Lipstick is a powerful tool: It can instantly make you feel good and fabulous, depending on the shade you decide to wear. But aside from your favorite colors and brands, what else do you know about the product itself? Take this quiz
Greasy food has got nothing on these.
If there's one thing a true Filipino Christmas feast always has, it's lechon. But, we all know how its yummy juices and oils can erase all traces of lipstick. So if you're planning to wear a
Which lippies passed the test?
Liquid lipsticks are said to have impressive staying powers, so we put three tubes to the ultimate test against coffee, pasta, and pizza. Find out which lippies passed by watching the video below:VIDEO PRODUCED BY: Tisha Caedo, Ira Nopuente VIDEO SHOT
One of these bottles deserves a spot in your kikay kit!
CGs, get your wallets ready because we just found a lip and cheek tint that will make you look kyeopta in seconds. The Peripera Ink The Airy Velvet only costs P450, and it lasts for hours! See what the five shades look
You won't be able to resist the shades AND prices!
Don't you just love liquid lipsticks? They glide on the lips like butter and stay on for a long time! It's no surprise they are available everywhere, including drugstores and department stores.That said, we gathered the prettiest shades with
They're more wearable than you think!
Scared that metallic liquid lippies are too glamorous and edgy to use every day? Think again!In this edition of Beauty Wars, we sought to find out which formula can give our pouts a versatile and sophisticated pearl finish, in
Are these affordable dupes worth it?
The whole world can't get enough of Kylie Jenner's liquid lipstick and lip pencil duo, but let's be real, they're expensive AF! With their $29 (P1,445.50) price tag, not everyone has the extra money (and patience
If you're a beauty junkie like me, you've probably seen about a million makeup swatches scrolling through Instagram. Here's how it goes: Another day, another lipstick launch, another square-shaped swatch graces your feed. That is, until makeup artist @
Let your lips do the talking with a bright, crisp color on your puckers.
We'll always have a soft spot for subdued nudes, but to *really* make a statement, it's all about that juicy "look at me" pout.Make Up For Ever Artist Acrylip Lip Paint in Coral PinkMake Up For Ever Artist Acrylip
It's a game-changer.
Do-it-yourself beauty hacks can be hit or miss, but this latest lipstick trick that's sweeping the internet is one to take note of.It comes courtesy of beauty blogger Zohra, who recently shared a video of her DIY liquid
Just look at the variety of colors!
With the 'ber months in full swing, our Christmas wishlists keep growing by the day! All these new makeup releases aren't helping either-seriously, half of the things we want to find under our trees must be cosmetics!Now, NYX Cosmetics
How lipstick-obsessed are you, really?
Ever wondered what a hundred layers of liquid lipstick would look like? No? Yes?In any case, YouTube beauty blogger Mayra shot this video of her applying layer after layer of liquid lipstick using 50 different shades. Ridiculous, right? She began the
These hues are right up our alley.
When Kylie Jenner said she had tons of surprises up her sleeve for fans of her Lip Kits, she wasn't kidding. Since her *~formal~* announcement on Instagram-where else, of course-she's released blue and black matte liquid lipsticks, gloss
Nothing is impossible if you're creative enough.
After the makeup challenge of using just highlighters to do your whole face, YouTube beauty gurus have moved on to yet another interesting trick: a full face of makeup using only liquid lipsticks.We've heard of people using liquid lipstick as