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People ALWAYS want to know the difference between you and your twin.
1. You can't tell if it's you or her in your baby and toddler photos. And sometimes, even your parents don't know! "Awww, which one are you in this photo?" Ummm. Pick any, we look the same anyway.2.
To achieve your New Year's resolutions this time, columnist Bianca Valerio suggests taking baby steps. See how she applies this on this common goal among women: to lose weight.
Every year brings in new resolutions--even if we haven't yet accomplished those we made the previous year. The problem with resolutions is that we can get discouraged by the pressure and (for the most part) disappointments that pile up as
Feel like redecorating your place this weekend? Transform it into a sexy yet cozy love den by taking these cues from design guru Chris Madden.
1. Aroma-cize your place. "Scatter scented candles with matches throughout your house," advises design expert Chris Madden. Choose aromas that remind you of your favorite places, like sandalwood to invoke a cozy Baguio getaway, or coconut to bring you back to
Will you finally get your own place in 2010? Celeste Perron, author of <em>Playing House</em>, clues you in everything a girl needs in her own pad.
1. Real dishes and wineglasses. Without an eight-piece matching set, a party that was intended to be posh can seem more like a picnic. Wineglasses also don't have to cost a lot--in fact, they shouldn't, because
Flashback to good old memories of the past decade with these still LSS-worthy Pinoy songs.