Do you think they can pull it off, too?
We've been #blessed with Pinoy remakes of some of our fave K-Dramas in the past. Remember My Girl starring Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson? Lovers in Paris headlined by KC Concepcion and Piolo Pascual? How about when Marian Rivera played
Lauren Reid! Gil Cuerva! Maxine Medina!
Yes, we've got our slew of favorite celebs and love teams in 2016, but for 2017 we're all for a new breed of talent. Here, we have 10 celebs we know are on their way to superstardom. 1. Gil CuervaThe
They used to think Instagram borders and default filters were cool, too.
Long before VSCO was proclaimed king of photo-editing apps, Instagram's default borders and filters were not only acceptable but were actually pretty cool. Truth be told, even our local celebrities seemed to think so. If you still don't believe
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