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Ready, set, fly!
How have we missed traveling, including airports, right? The crowds, the busy atmosphere, even the steel seats in the waiting area! And now that local travel and some international destinations are slowly easing their restrictions, we can now plan our future trips.
She has a super cool set of touchscreen honeycomb lights!
As one of the most promising social media stars in her generation, you can expect Niana Guerrero to be on top of the latest trends. If her cop-worthy sneaker collection isn't enough to prove it, then her bedroom might.
Show off your assets!
We love low-key sexy outfits because these show some skin while still looking classy. And we swear it's not that hard to create the said aesthetic. All you have to do is to follow this rule: Pair one skin-
'Para san pa ba ako gumigising every morning?'
The pressure of always needing to be online, accessible, and productive has never been more apparent than amid this pandemic. And we all know how much it can affect a person's mental health-no matter how passionate you are about
Get to know this morena beauty!
To many of you, she is "Teacher Ayn," but Ayn Bernos has actually been changing the game for years now. The 26-year-old started creating content before the term "content creator" really became a thing and it all began with a
Foreign vloggers in the Philippines aren't exempted.
The Bureau of Internal Revenue has issued a memorandum on taxation for social media influencers-and yes, they definitely have to do their part, too. Under Revenue Memorandum Circular (RMC) No. 97-2021 issued on Monday, August 16, the bureau outlined several
Find out how you can style this closet staple in multiple ways.
Everyone has at least one white t-shirt in their closets because it's simply a fashion staple. Whether it's plain or printed a white tee is versatile. You can pair it with jeans (another staple), skirts, shorts, suit
Saving this as inspo RN.
You've read the headline, so we'll just get straight to it: Toni Sia has a brand new hair color! We haven't really seen Toni with a hair color other than black in a while-she kept