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It's a classic!
We love a good pop of color every once in a while, but we will always, always fall back to neutral tones. Aside from making dressing up a breeze, the colors in this category go together seamlessly. You can mix and match
Time to step up your IG game!
Trying to level up your Instagram game? There's no better place to look than Rei Germar's feed. The 25-year-old content creator is always posing snaps of her photoshoots on IG, and they're definitely great
They're super easy to recreate!
In case you didn't know, the beach is one of the best places to have a photoshoot-the lighting and relaxed ambience will give you a great photo no matter what! There are also a ton of spots you can
She said she wanted to get a nose job since she was in high school.
Gen Z vlogger Aika Agustin recently uploaded a vlog walking her subscribers through her rhinoplasty experience. She first hinted about the result of her procedure when she posted a picture on Instagram on February 14 with the caption "New look, same old
Here's some inspo for your own room!
One of the things we *absolutely* adore about Gen Z creator Aika Agustin is her aesthetic. One look at her Instagram feed is all it would take to know her style: it's dominantly calming and neutral but occasionally punctuated with
It definitely matches her style and personality!
If you've been a long-time follower of local content creator Ashley Garcia, then you'll know that she has a great sense of style. If you've ever been curious as to what her closet might look
Her space totally matches her personality!
If there's one room tour we're keeping tabs on, it's Chelsea Valencia's. ICYDK, her space has been a couple of years in the making-she's made multiple videos taking us through the
Minimum effort, maximum results!
Let's be real: There are days when we can't help but feel meh about ourselves. One way to pick yourself up is by making yourself look ~*cute*~! If you can't be bothered to put on makeup,
She recently turned 23!
ICYMI, local vlogger Zeinab Harake recently turned 23, and she held an outdoor birthday party with her family and close friends in attendance. The outdoor venue was styled by Ginger Event Styling, and they made sure to fill the place up with
She's a pro at this!
We've already established that Ida Anduyan is great at posing, styling herself, and curating her Instagram feed. However, as we were scrolling through her feed, we noticed another thing: She's also a master at taking *low-key* couple
We love her dainty lady-like style!
It's no secret that Angel Dei loves a good bikini-her feed is full of sultry swimsuit photos, after all. (She also has her own brand of swimmies!) However, on days when she's not lounging around picturesque beaches,
Congratulations on this milestone, Gwy!
Over the past year or so, many of our favorite content creators have been making *big* life investments. Whether it's purchasing their first car, buying a piece of land, or starting their own business, these influencers definitely made some big
It's definitely one of her closet staples!
One thing we love about Bella Racelis' style is how she wears well-made basics, and mixes and matches them to make cohesive outfits. If you look at her Instagram feed, you'll note that she loves donning a lot
She's all about pastels!
Fact: Ashley Garcia's Instagram game is just too good-whether she's showing off her super cute outfits or she's posting filler photos that are still very on-brand with her aesthetic. If you're trying
We want her whole wardrobe, TBH.
YouTuber and content creator Ashley Garcia has *always* understood the assignment when it comes to her outfits. Whether it's Y2K-inspired or full of earth tones, you can always count on the 22-year-old to create winning OOTDs. Aside
BRB, taking down notes!
Hello there! One of my favorite things to watch on YouTube is videos of people's desk tours. It might be the chismosa in me, but I just love finding out how others organize their things and maximize their space. Also,
Hello, Player 067!
It's almost been a month since Netflix released Squid Game, and its fame isn't showing any signs of slowing down-in fact, it's *officially* the most popular show that the streaming service debuted! Now while we
It really suits her!
If you've been wanting to change up your hair for quite some time now but didn't know what kind of style or color you want to go for, we have some good news for you. Bella Racelis recently
Anna welcomed her son on October 3, 2021.
Anna Cay and Geloy Villalobos welcomed their son on October 3, 2021. In an Instagram post, Anna introduced her cute bb to the world: Everyone, meet Alexei Constantin Cay-Villalobos. "You can call him 'X'," she wrote in the caption.
Welcome to the fifth episode of Cosmo Beauty Chatter!
If you spend a lot of time on Instagram, you might notice that every monthly sale, you'll come across the hashtag #tonisiamademebuyit-and for good reason, too. Fans of YouTuber and content creator Toni Sia trust her beauty and lifestyle