Add these to your travel bucket list in the future!
The pandemic took away a lot of things from us, and one of those is the freedom to go out and travel as much as we want. TBH, there are days when I just literally go through the photos on my phone
Have you been to Tudor in the Pines?
It's a crazy world we live in, and checking out from all the madness of our daily routine could be the breath of fresh air we need. If you'd rather not have to travel that far, though, Baguio's always
Not everybody is a beach person.
Everyone has this idea in their head that a beach resort is the perfect getaway. But what if you don't like sand because it's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere? What if you don'
Who's going to Cebu this summer? See you there!
Cebu-a place where you can enjoy the *best* lechon and dried mangoes, party in the streets during Sinulog, and meet some of the most hospitable people-is a popular travel destination for locals and tourists alike. With 167 islands and islets,
Summer’s almost here!
It's almost summer and you're probably looking for fun ways to soak up the sun. Here's a destination suggestion: Siargao-a teardrop-shaped island located in the province of Surigao del Norte, famous for its white sand beaches and
Without the crash landing part, of course!
If you haven't moved on from Crash Landing on You (TBH, same), there's a big chance that you spend your days replaying your favorite scenes in your head. You still think about the outfits, the kilig moments, the tear-jerking
This is everything you need to know about the island.
I first visited Siargao in 2017, as a solo female traveler fleeing from a heartbreak. Instantly, I fell in love with its scenic palm tree-lined roads, unbelievable surf spots, and breathtaking rock pools, islets, and lagoons. I fell in love with
Explore water parks, waterfalls, and more, with these mini adventures.
Nothing says summer adventure like hopping into a car, bus, or plane with your backpack, sunscreen, and desire for a change of scenery. The reward for this openness to discovering something new is that we almost always do! So, if you're
And the entrance fee is only P150.
The Colosseum, St. Peter's Basilica, and Trevi Fountain are three of the many breathtaking sites that put Rome at the top of travel goals of many jetsetters.Their grandeur was captured by the Greco-Roman structures that you can tour
Yes, the place you used to read about in grade school.
Yes, you read that right: Hinulugang Taktak, as in the famous landmark in Antipolo you used to read about in grade school textbooks, has new activities for you to try.According to a post from the joint Facebook page of Antipolo's
24 hours of fun with your barkada!
In case you haven't noticed, your barkada has been planning to go to the beach for months now. You're all too busy and can't seem to find a time when you're all available. Ang dami ng long weekends
Take pictures of blooming cherry blossoms at Haight's Place in Benguet!
Pinoys no longer need to fly to Japan to see cherry blossoms or sakura trees up close.Haight's Place in Atok, Benguet, has been growing sakura trees, which started blooming in 2018.The trees are gifts from the Kochi Prefecture
Is this the year you finally visit this magical place?
Batanes is the Philippines' northernmost province, known for its unassuming, yet colorful culture and lush terrain and beaches that look right out of a storybook. While it is also the country's smallest province, its abundance of destinations and attractions for travelers
This is perfect for first-timers!
El Nido has made a name for itself as one of the top beach destinations in the Philippines. And that should come as no surprise, thanks to the island's clear blue seas and palm tree-lined beaches. The island is also
Rest and recharge at these gorgeous spots.
If the holidays-with their heavy rotation of family reunions, liquor-soaked parties, overflowing buffet tables, and late nights-have you wiped out, then it's time to take care of yourself! The new year is the perfect opportunity to take a
'The Philippines is very diverse and that's what makes it beautiful.'
Nicole Marie del Rosario spent many summer vacations as a kid going on road trips to Baguio or Albay, where her grandmother lives. These early travels with her family stoked the fires of adventure inside her, so much so that by the
The perfect getaway if you’re in need of some Vitamin Sea.
In the middle of the Philippines, just south of Cebu, there is a little island province whose age-old reputation for sorcery have both attracted visitors from around the world, while keeping the superstitious away. But whether or not you believe in
Still need accommodations for your big Palawan trip? Look no further!
Planning a beach trip to Palawan always sounds like a good idea, regardless of whether you've been there or not. Everyone pretty much deserves a break from the urban hustle and traffic, and nothing is better than lounging on one of
Are you ready to see what else Manila has to offer?
Surprisingly, the capital of the Philippines is a city that not many take the time to explore. If you go beyond the noisy, busy vibe of Manila, you'll discover that the city has a lot to offer-from museums you can
Cebu has something for every kind of traveler.
Other than its renowned beaches, historical landmarks, colorful festivals, and unmatched lechon, Cebu has a ton of activities waiting to be discovered by all types of travelers. Whether you're looking for a calming trip to be one with nature, or an
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