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Lack of sleep could affect your social life, too.
By now, you're already well-aware that a lack of sleep can cause serious health issues, but what you probably didn't know is it doesn't only affect your body-it affect your relationships as well as
You'd never know by looking at my Instagram account, but I'm super-lonely and it's all my fault.
If you were to look at my Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, it would seem that I have lots of close friends-but the truth is, I'm one of the loneliest people I know.I don't have a significant other, I
'Show me the meaning of being lonely.'
Did you know that loneliness can physically hurt? No, literally: "The same areas in the brain light up when you experience social pain as when you experience actual physical pain." That's how much loneliness affects us. Humans, by design, are social
It's unnecessary stress.
Loneliness has its downsides, especially when it comes to our mental health. (Read: depression.) But there's another reason why you should have good company (or keep yourself occupied with your hobbies) when you're feeling lonely: It's also good for
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Be careful with your hearts, CGs, because your loneliness may be killing you...literally. According a new study by Brigham Young University, loneliness could be the next big public health issue because it increases your chance of mortality. The researchers link the