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According to real couples who survived the distance!
It takes a lot to make a long-distance relationship work, but what matters is that you can. So while we know that special occasions sometimes only remind you what you're missing, know that being in a good, loving relationship is
You don't talk about the future together.
It's no secret that maintaining a long-distance relationship can be tough, which is why it's good to know these 13 tell-tale signs from dating and relationship expect James Preece about whether your long-distance relationship isn't going
Absence makes the heart grow hornier.
How old are you?Woman A: Twenty-four.Man A: Twenty-seven.Woman B: Twenty-four.Man B: Twenty-five.What's your sexual orientation?Woman A: Straight.Man A: Gay.Woman B: Straight.Man B: Hetero.How long have you been (
"I believe in companionship."
When PEP asked actress Lovi Poe about Chris Johnson, a Filipino-French guy to whom she's been linked, she quipped, "The thing is, he's not from here, he's far away. So, minsan, yung effort niya, bumibiyahe talaga siya." ("Sometimes
He knows the good times will make it worth it.
1. He misses you more than he wants to admit.  He might not be sappy or explicitly emotional, but this is hard on him, too.2. Whenever he visits, it doesn't have to be "perfect." He just wants to be able
'Mahirap ang long-distance.'
Instagram/juancarloscuencaJake Cuenca broke up with his American model girlfriend, Sara Grace Kelley, in December, according to Kapamilya hunk candidly revealed that their long-distance relationship played a vital role in their spilt. Despite the breakup, Jake still considers