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Impossible things always happen when the time is right and when you have the courage to take them in.
Dil and I used to ride the same bus in grade school-this was way back in 1999-and we even became classmates in Grade 2. He moved to the U.S. in 2005 and as expected, we lost touch and I
'We've grown into a healthier relationship apart.'
JB and I met in Seoul pre-pandemic when I was still working in Gangnam, and he had just moved back from the States to pursue his post-graduate studies. I literally met him the first day that he moved, and we
Little did we know there was a real-life love story unfolding in the Swiss town!
Remember Bela Padilla and Carlo Aquino's heartbreaking romantic film Meet Me In St. Gallen? Yup, it totally crushed us when it was released back in 2018. But little did we know that there was a real-life love story unfolding
We're happy that you're happy, Ellen!
Here's some sweet news to start your day: Ellen Adarna just revealed that she's dating someone new! According to, Ellen did an interview on the Good Times With Mo podcast on April 3, where she spoke
The world drastically changed.
In almost four years together, my boyfriend and I have never been long-distance. In fact, we're both vehemently against being in an LDR. Both bad texters with a love language of quality time, we're objectively in-person people who
LDR or not, these belong in your sex repertoire.
Long-distance sex has some obvious disadvantages compared to the in-person kind, but it's got its own great thing going on too. For one, you're guaranteed exactly the kind of stimulation you want, you can indulge your
Show your significant other you care even when you're miles away.
Valentine's Day is the cuddliest, most romantic day of the year for couples everywhere. But it can be supes hard and lonely when your person lives half-way across the country.Just because you and bae aren't physically
We feel you, girl!
Ever since KC Concepcion reconnected with her French beau Pierre Plassart in 2018, the actress-slash-jewerly-designer has been open about her LDR setup with Pierre. In a recent Instagram post of her and Pierre in what looks like his last
Nico and Solenn are so solid.
Nico Bolzico is back in Manila and is once again with Solenn Heussaff. ICYDK, he just spent three weeks in Argentina to celebrate the holidays with his family-something he's been doing every year since he married Solenn.Usually, Nico flies
KC spent Christmas and New Year with her French beau!
Long-distance relationships can make or break a relationship. But for KC Concepcion, it's a challenge that she's willing to accept and take on.The actress recently took to Instagram and posted a photo of herself with French boyfriend, Pierre
'I went abroad to work for one year, after which I went home and found out she had gotten knocked up by another guy.'
When long-distance relationships work, they're absolutely lovely. All that unstoppable dedication! All that bittersweet longing! All that off-the-charts excitement-not to mention off-the-charts sexcitement-once you finally see each other again!Sadly, not everyone who attempts
According to real couples who survived the distance!
It takes a lot to make a long-distance relationship work, but what matters is that you can. So while we know that special occasions sometimes only remind you what you're missing, know that being in a good, loving relationship is
Absence makes the heart grow hornier.
Woman A: Twenty-four.Man A: Twenty-seven.Woman B: Twenty-four.Man B: Twenty-five.Woman A: Straight.Man A: Gay.Woman B: Straight.Man B: Hetero.Woman A: From 2010 to 2016. I was in Tucson, Arizona, and he was
"I believe in companionship."
When PEP asked actress Lovi Poe about Chris Johnson, a Filipino-French guy to whom she's been linked, she quipped, "The thing is, he's not from here, he's far away. So, minsan, yung effort niya, bumibiyahe talaga siya." ("Sometimes
He knows the good times will make it worth it.
1. He misses you more than he wants to admit. He might not be sappy or explicitly emotional, but this is hard on him, too.2. Whenever he visits, it doesn't have to be "perfect." He just wants to be able
'Mahirap ang long-distance.'
Instagram/juancarloscuencaJake Cuenca broke up with his American model girlfriend, Sara Grace Kelley, in December, according to Kapamilya hunk candidly revealed that their long-distance relationship played a vital role in their spilt. Despite the breakup, Jake still considers
Mission accomplished? Not quite.
All breakups are bad, but long-distance breakups are particularly painful because of the unbearable helplessness they bring. A guy you've promised to move heaven and earth to be with can just disappear from your life without another word, and all
Let's make things magical!
When you and partner live in different time zones or are miles apart, celebrating romantic occasions like anniversaries can be a challenge. You have to be both creative to feel the love and send the kilig. Here are some sweet and clever
I learned how excruciating the longing for physical affection can be.
Full disclosure: I've been in three long-distance relationships. It's not like I specifically seek out LDRs; I've had as many serious relationships with guys who lived just 30 minutes away from me. But one thing's for sure:
Serious LDR goals.
If you've ever been in a long-distance relationship, you know how insanely difficult it can be to maintain intimacy when you're several time zones apart from your partner. Marathon phone calls and sexting can only do so much-sometimes