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It's that exciting occasion again when we get to see female politicians and guests dress up in their best Filipiniana outfits for the State of the Nation Address (SONA).Here are some of the looks we've spotted so
These were the most unforgettable celebrity looks of the year.
This dress is a sexy princess daydream. No offense, Channing, but are you even the hottest Tatum in your immediate family?Amy is a smart, funny, creative, interesting badass-#NastyWomen unite-so it's thrilling to see her in a dress that
The K-Pop star shows many different sides of herself with these fun and versatile summer makeup looks.
Last month, we introduced Korean pop group 2NE1's Sandara Park as the new face of Korean makeup brand Etude House. We showed you photos of the former ABS-CBN talent search star debuting the new Miss Tangerine collection of neon shades
We asked this young actress to pick her faves from among her ever-changing looks and quirky yet chic attires. Pick up some styling ideas!
Want to know if that cutie's got partner potential? Cosmo consulted a team of experts to help you size him up with just a once-over!
His Hair Hair is to guys as body is to girls. Think: Samson's power from his strands. So it sometimes follows that the dude with the shampoo-commercial coif has an ego the size of Central Luzon. "The more hair a
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