Yet another reason for eight hours of shut-eye!
Many busy, career women take sleep for granted. We get it-there's so much to do and so little time. And while you already know of the health issues that come with not getting enough sleep every night, what you
Love is more than just romance.
You probably know that old Eagles song titled "Love Will Keep Us Alive," and really, it's a romantic notion-no matter what happens, things will end up okay because "when we're hungry, love will keep us alive."Reality
Remember when the internet thought #KathNiel was headed to the altar for real?
Remember when Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo were rumored to be engaged last month, following a cryptic post from Kathryn's mom, Min? Kathryn has already clarified the issue and denied that they're engaged, though she said she's open to
If anybody knows anything about love, it's these women.
When it comes to themes for songs, poems, and stories, that four-letter word (L-O-V-E) has got every other topic beat. But in a world where media is available at the touch of your fingers, where you hear and
They're vital to a healthy partnership.
Healthy relationships require open and honest communication; this is something we all know. But there are certain ways to ensure your communication is 10/10-and learning about the five "love languages" is a super helpful way to do that.Never heard
You bet your sweet ass Taylor Swift is on this list.
Despite all the glitz and glamour, celebrities are just like us in more ways than one, especially when it comes to love. Celebs have had their hearts broken, and unfortunately, they don't have the luxury of privacy like we do.
'What's the use of staying if there's no love?'
You how Rufa Mae Quinto keeps on shipping herself with Piolo Pascual? Get ready, because she featured him in her latest vlog post! In "Dr. Rufa 'Love' Quinto Gives Love Advice," she introduced some of her friends and gave tips
‘I wanted to be happy. I wanted him to be happy, too.’
With all the effort that goes into preparing for a wedding, it would be insane to even think of scrapping all those plans you made, suppliers you booked, and trips you pestered your out-of-town family and friends into taking...right?
'Sometimes, the best thing I can do is just sit there and listen.'
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It does way more damage than just bringing you frequent LQs.
We throw the word "toxic" around lightly, using it to describe everything from a huge workload to a drama queen friend to that night you couldn't get an Uber or a Grab, like WTF is wrong with the world?! But for
'Kahit perfect ka, kapag gusto magloko niyan, magloloko 'yan.'
What happens when you ask six fabulous drag queens questions about love and sex? You get real AF answers, that's what! Watch this exclusive video to make your day 100x better. Enjoy!VIDEO PRODUCED BY: Gab GutierrezSITTINGS EDITOR:
It's probably how he won over Solenn!
To cap off Love Month, we got Nico Bolzico to give his wisest and funniest advice on all things luuuurve!VIDEO PRODUCED BY: Jacinda A. Lopez and Andie EstellaVIDEO SHOT BY: Jean Saturnino, Lian Dumas, and Dennise SalvadorVIDEO EDITED BY: Lian DumasFollow
Plot twist: They’re also their husbands’ first and only girlfriends!
For today's single Pinay, dating can get so complicated and take so many twists and turns, it's hard to imagine that other women can actually meet one man, date only him for years, and end up with their happily ever
'Some people struggle more than others, but every single person experiences these types of feelings.'
In her practice, Dr. Danielle Forshee, a psychologist and social worker who specializes in relationship and marriage counseling, sees a lot of patients who are struggling with "love addiction." It's a term that gets tossed around in TV shows and
‘My exes may have been the ones to commit the crime, but I may have been the one to hand them the gun.’
Getting cheated on is a bitch.At 21, you get a rude awakening that people can hurt you terribly-even people you thought would guard your heart. And while you're not the one who did this terrible thing, between you two,
Is it a rough patch or time to call it quits?
If you're wondering whether your feelings of annoyance towards your partner are just a phase, or a sign that you just don't care anymore, it can be very confusing. Is it time to sack off the relationship because you've
'You can't give love if you don’t feel love.'
When you're in your 20s, the kilig that hits you can make you so deliriously happy, you feel like you could marry this man right now and you'd live happily ever after, because isn't he the greatest? But similarly,
'Love really does make you do things you never thought you were capable of doing.'
When you've never been betrayed by a partner before in your life, it's easy to declare that once it happens to you, you'll absolutely pack up and go-no questions asked. But once the man who does the betraying
'Binasted ko siya—three times to be exact.'
Sometimes, you meet a great man and BAM!-you just know, right then and there, that you want him to father your unborn children. Other times, you realize it much, much later-after you've both grown up, after he's moved
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