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'I wondered what was wrong with me, why was I unworthy?'
Getting cheated on is a bitch.At 21, you get a rude awakening that people can hurt you terribly-even people you thought would guard your heart. And while you're not the one who did this terrible thing, between you two,
Love isn't always enough to stay together.
1. We can't assume couples are happy or are #goals just because they gush about each other publicly.Remember when we all said Chris Pratt and Anna Faris were #RelationshipGoals? They were married for eight years, and many of us saw
Unlucky with love? Lola's <i>pag-ibig</i> tips are here to the rescue!
1. "Soften" your body language."Softening up" a little may help you to relax in front of guys who make you nervous. 2. Give the guy a chance.If a guy is into you, let him show you. The greatest relationships can