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'Having a family with you was the best thing that ever happened to me.'
If you ask us, we'll never get tired of reading love letters-whether it's a long post online or someone handing us a super kilig handwritten letter (we can dream!). Yes, we're cheesy like that, but
From us, with love. We're so proud of you.
It's been such a long and exhausting year, but we wanted to take a moment to honor you-our readers, our community. You each tried to cope with the heaviness that came with the uncertainties of the pandemic, whether that&#
'I promise to love and stay with you forever.' Awww!
Reel and real-life couple Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla were rumored to be engaged a month ago during their trip to Japan, but in reality, they were there to shoot a special project for the Japanese tourism board! In the first
Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god.
After some major sleuthing done by the internet, Kendall Jenner finally put the biggest mystery of our time to rest with one single Instagram Story.On Tuesday, Kenny teased her followers by posting a mushy love note that some mysterious person wrote
Do tell!
On the same day she stunned everyone with her most naked look at The Fashion Awards in London, Kendall Jenner left her followers shook to their very core when she posted a secret letter that went on and on about the writer&#
Peter Kavinsky's got nothing on me.
Love letters used to be an age-old staple of romancing, and while they were once a necessity, they're now seen as an antiquated frivolity. Now, you can send pictures of your naked body to people you just met on
Yes, Lara Jean, we think drama can be fun, too.
Korean-American Lara Jean Song Covey (Lana Condor) writes love letters-but she never sends them. Whenever Lara Jean has an intense crush, she writes a letter and pours her heart out to flush the feelings away. She keeps them in a
'You never fail to impress me.'
Jericho Rosales continues to prove that it might be next to impossible to find a husband like him. LOL. Kidding aside, the Kapamilya actor has always been vocal about his adoration (an understatement, tbh) for his wife Kim Jones. He's
aka 'Reasons To Date A Writer'
It's Valentine's Day, so brace yourselves-the V-Day greetings are coming!While it's perfectly fine to type out a four-word greeting for your partner on Facebook and call it a day-"Happy Valentine's Day, (insert name)!"
ICYDK, he considers her 'the one that got away.'
It's been four years since Lea Salonga's book Playlist: A Celebration of 35 Years was published, but its pages have only recently made the rounds online.You see, a "love letter" was penned by Lea's former leading man and
She's the sweetest ever!
As one of the biggest international supermodels today, Gigi Hadid has got to have it all. I mean, her face is seen on billboards and print ads everywhere. But when our fave American model (srsly, she is!) was asked by Bustle what
"Gusto kong buhayin yung legacy na iniwan ng ex ko."
Instagram/@claubarrettoClaudine Barretto broke the Internet a few weeks back when she posted several throwback hand-written love letters from her late ex Rico Yan.The actress' sudden tributes to Rico seemed all too random, shocking netizens (us, included) and leaving all
'Just want to thank you for last night. You were wonderful!!!'
All the feels! Actress Claudine Barretto took to Instagram to post a hand-written love letter from her late lover, '90s matinee idol Rico Yan. The letter also comes with a Polaroid snap of the two looking super loved up and kilig.
Boys, this is how it's done.
Who would have thought that hardcore rocker Chito Miranda was such a softie when it comes to online PDA? His posts about his wife Neri Naig are just the sweetest ever! Haba talaga ng hair mo, Neri!Here, we gathered some of
For single moms, today is both Mother's and Father's Day-whether by choice or circumstance, these strong women carry the huge responsibility of raising a child solo. Here, we got six real single moms to reveal through a short love