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Let's be honest, there's some room for growth here.
1. Practice your kissing. Don't underestimate the power of a good kiss. A lot of pheromones get swapped during mouth-on-mouth action. Don't do dead lips. Put some time and effort into your makeout skills.2. Don't ignore
To keep your sack sessions scorching, Cosmo came up with get-it-on venues you've probably never tried.
Chances are, you've had your fair share of out-of-bedroom experiences-booty in the shower, getting it on in your car. But in the name of erotic exploration, Cosmo has come up with lusty locales you may have yet to
We don't believe men are dogs, but some behavior-molding techniques used on canines and other beasts can work on a guy and make him a better man.
Cosmo taps experts and dating veterans for advice on how to have timing that's just right.
Back when dating with chaperones was the norm, couples lived by the strict "the more you wait, the more you love" time frame. Fortunately, times have changed-but that doesn't mean we're now better at deciding when the right time
Bringing him along for spa days and mall runs sounds fun and harmless enough, but treating your guy like a chick could mess with your relationship.
Picture this: You and your guy meet at the gym, where you talk him into joining an aerobics class with you. Then, you head home together, switch on your telenovelas, and order in from the vegetarian place you like (after months of
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You all know what we're talking about-it's that very short-term, typically sexual, and always unforgettable romance that happens when we least expect it. Was it with the guy you met in Bora on vacation? That co-worker you'
We're all curious about what goes on in our friends' relationships. But Cosmo discovered that a twosome's public image is often deceptive.
You see another couple and you can't help it: You wonder what their sex life is like, how they act at home, and if they're really that in love. Part of you is just plain curious, but another part of
We have a lot, but find out which relationship, dating, and sex articles were the most viewed in in the past two years!
Relationships are a huge part of Cosmo's identity, because that's the very core of our service to you, our dear readers. It's in Cosmo that you find information on topics you care most about but can't really read
He may be happy with your sack skills, but these sexual truths will help you satisfy him like never before.
The average guy is pretty easy to read-he springs to attention so you know he's aroused, and his can't-miss-it orgasm leaves no doubt that he's reached his pleasure destination. But, his body doesn't always send
When he was courting you, your guy was so sweet; but now, the tenderness seems to have waned. Get back the affection you crave with these tips.
1. Customize His Skill Set"Men often don't intuitively know how to make you feel cared for," says Barton Goldsmith, PhD, author of Emotional Fitness for Couples. So tell him you need a neck rub or an empathic ear. Then encourage
We tend to think only dudes are prone to stray--but that's not the case. Find out why you may be tempted, and how to curb it.
In surveys these days, more and more women have confessed to cheating. And, that's just the tip of the infidelity iceberg. "Women underreport affairs in face-to-face studies, so real numbers are likely higher," says David C. Atkins, PhD, a
It just screams "gotta have your body now," and yields that erotic thrill you both crave. Read our primer for tips.
Obviously, there are plenty of amazing sex positions to choose from, and we've brought you our fair share of them. But, there's one in particular that rises above the rest on the steaminess meter: getting busy against a wall. Isn'
From first date to first fight to first big step toward a future together--here's our <i>best</i> advice for gaining and maintaining a relationship.
Figuring out how a relationship works in all its different stages boils down mostly to trial-and-error--especially when you're a young and adventurous college girl (or still have the heart of one). So, let Cosmo guide you through the
You love your guy. He loves you. But do you wonder if he still wants you like he did when your romance was new? After you pull out these tricks, he sure as hell will.
Sure, you want adoration, respect, and the occasional sparkly treat from your man, but more than anything, you want to feel like he's still got the hots for you. Well, here's good news: Contrary to the widely held belief that
Think V-Day was a success? Fall deeper in love and be closer than ever through these sweet little moves.
Upping your intimacy doesn't mean planning grand gestures. These ideas are less work-and just as effective.1. Eat Breakfast Side-by-Side. Instead of chowing down tapsilog while sitting across each other, share the meal while side-by-side at
Avoid the most common love conflicts and make your bond more harmonious with the best tips from relationships experts.
Beginning a relationship is generally the easy part; it's maintaining the connection that gets a little tricky. That's why a growing number of twosomes (whether or not they've tied the knot) are going into couples therapy as a preemptive
They might not show it, but guys may have fears, too, in the beginning of a relationship.
Men always want to feel adored. Give him that extra-special treatment in four simple gestures.
1. Do Something Special"When you schedule an activity that you know he'll like, such as bowling, it assures him that he's a priority, which is an ego stroke," says couples therapist Dan Wile, PhD, author of After the Fight.
Get creative with how you say "I love you." Intensify your romance and show him that you're into him with these three quick tips.
1. Say Something SexyMen like to know that you're really interested in sex, so lusty talk, even if it's just saying that a particular movie turned you on, will make him grin.2. Thank Him For Being A GuyTell him
Guys sometimes find it hard to express their feelings. Find out how you can get HIM to show you that he cares.
1. Admit You're Craving CareChicks often stay mum about what they want for fear of seeming needy. But "men instinctively want to help," says Gay Hendricks, PhD, co-author of Spirit-Centered Relationships. Speak up and he'll deliver.2. Explain