He knows exactly what you like.
1. When he flips you over for doggy style, it doesn't feel slightly rude anymore. The thought "Does he just not want to see my face, or...?" doesn't even cross your mind. You know he's obsessed with your face,
Let's be honest, there's some room for growth here.
1. Practice your kissing. Don't underestimate the power of a good kiss. A lot of pheromones get swapped during mouth-on-mouth action. Don't do dead lips. Put some time and effort into your makeout skills.2. Don't ignore
To keep your sack sessions scorching, Cosmo came up with get-it-on venues you've probably never tried.
Chances are, you've had your fair share of out-of-bedroom experiences-booty in the shower, getting it on in your car. But in the name of erotic exploration, Cosmo has come up with lusty locales you may have yet to
We don't believe men are dogs, but some behavior-molding techniques used on canines and other beasts can work on a guy and make him a better man.
Cosmo taps experts and dating veterans for advice on how to have timing that's just right.
Back when dating with chaperones was the norm, couples lived by the strict "the more you wait, the more you love" time frame. Fortunately, times have changed-but that doesn't mean we're now better at deciding when the right time
Bringing him along for spa days and mall runs sounds fun and harmless enough, but treating your guy like a chick could mess with your relationship.
Picture this: You and your guy meet at the gym, where you talk him into joining an aerobics class with you. Then, you head home together, switch on your telenovelas, and order in from the vegetarian place you like (after months of
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You all know what we're talking about-it's that very short-term, typically sexual, and always unforgettable romance that happens when we least expect it. Was it with the guy you met in Bora on vacation? That co-worker you'
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