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'Security doesn’t come in a day. You feel it overtime.'
Security can mean different things to different people, especially in a relationship. For many, it's the security of exclusivity-knowing you're the only one they're dating. For others, it's emotional security-that beautiful feeling of finding a safe
'Being with him was the most free I had ever felt.'
It's hard enough to navigate the usual hurdles of hetero dating. Imagine what it's like for our LGBTQIA+ friends, who have to grapple with identity confusion, widespread discrimination, alienation from friends and family, and a host of other issues besides
'Having a family with you was the best thing that ever happened to me.'
If you ask us, we'll never get tired of reading love letters-whether it's a long post online or someone handing us a super kilig handwritten letter (we can dream!). Yes, we're cheesy like that, but
'We've grown into a healthier relationship apart.'
JB and I met in Seoul pre-pandemic when I was still working in Gangnam, and he had just moved back from the States to pursue his post-graduate studies. I literally met him the first day that he moved, and we
'When saying 'I like you' just wasn't cutting it in my heart.'
I'm going to let you in on a lil secret: In the same way no one can tell you when you're in love, there's no way of knowing when your partner is in love. Sure, there may be
'Ngayon, akin na siya!'
We've all had those long-time crushes, those beautiful boys who kept us inspired as we fumbled our way through high school or stumbled our way through our first jobs. But most of the time, those burning crushes don't last
'I don’t know what got into me, but I found myself walking towards him to say hi.'
We've seen enough movies of people finding love while traveling to fantasize about meeting our own gorgeous stranger on the road and falling hopelessly in love against a European skyline.While that sounds more like the plot of Before Sunrise than
'I would catch him looking at me while I was working out.'
Turns out, you can get so much more from working out than just good health and a mean set of abs.A survey commissioned by US fitness center chain Blink Fitness has found that 25 percent of respondents have considered dating someone
'Bitch, we’re getting married this month!'
With every Pride Month that has come and gone since the Stonewall riots of 1969, marriage equality remains out of reach for many LGBTQ couples around the globe. In a world that continues to deny them of this basic human right, it'
'If he or she is worth the effort, then just keep at it.'
It's common knowledge among Filipinos that Chinese families prefer Chinese relationship partners, and if you're a Pinoy who has fallen for a Chinese, then good luck to you. A term has even been coined to describe that legendary opposition put
What did these guys first notice about the women they ended up marrying?
It's said that first impressions last-and when it comes to finding the love of your life, this might be something we hope is either true or patently false, depending on how we perceive ourselves and on what we ourselves
How one hell of a trip became the trip from hell!
Erwin* and I met while I was studying abroad, and we stayed in touch when I moved back to the Philippines. After a few years of sprawling email conversations, and lots of hints about his feelings for me, he told me he
It doesn't have to be *all* bad.
It started out kind of cute. I was playing an acoustic open mic night in some hip downtown bar, when I saw Jim's* name on the set list. I noted that I had never met him, even though I had been
'We both work towards the same relationship goal: making each other happy.'
When it comes to the age-old relationship adage "Opposites attract," jury's still out. Some researchers have found that similar people seek each other out, others have found that partners who are too similar are less satisfied over time, and still
'True love doesn’t hide. True love is proud.'
As LGBTQ communities around the world celebrate Pride Month this June, it's ever more important to recognize that love is a universal gift-it's not some exclusive prize that only straights can enjoy.Here, nine couples from the LGBTQ spectrum
'I think it's a conscious effort and not something that just happens.'
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'Sometimes, the best thing I can do is just sit there and listen.'
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May forever in Boracay!
There's that saying, "Whatever happens in Boracay..." Well, you know the rest. For years this YOLO slogan symbolized the party culture that our beloved Boracay became known for. As for the summer flings that happen on the island, we know too
'I woke up just as he was texting a picture of the ring to my mother.'
One thing I will probably never do is hide an engagement ring from a partner, and BOY AM I GRATEFUL. Between picking out a ring I desperately hope they won't hate, successively stashing it in our home, and *lying* about
One girl shared a photo of her grandparents taking a walk and BRB CRYING.
We millennials wail on and on when some guy doesn't reply to our texts or doesn't follow up a great first date-sucks, right? But just imagine if we had lived half a century earlier, when nobody had cell phones