Instant spark is overrated.
If you want to finally find love in 2019, heed these tips from relationship coach Aileen Santos that will help correct common dating blunders and open you up to the possibility of meeting the right guy. Even if you end 2019 still
If anybody knows anything about love, it's these women.
When it comes to themes for songs, poems, and stories, that four-letter word (L-O-V-E) has got every other topic beat. But in a world where media is available at the touch of your fingers, where you hear and
Unlucky with love? Lola's <i>pag-ibig</i> tips are here to the rescue!
1. "Soften" your body language."Softening up" a little may help you to relax in front of guys who make you nervous. 2. Give the guy a chance.If a guy is into you, let him show you. The greatest relationships can
We've rounded up breakthrough findings from scholars and relationship pros that are sure to keep your bond strong and change the way you approach love.
At Cosmo, we sift through tons of theories and studies about relationships. While some findings are downright silly and some are interesting, a few stand out as having the power to improve your relationship in far-reaching ways. The revelations below fall
All guys have a sweet side. Here are a few tips that might help your man find his.
Know how to have the most mind-blowing phone sex, pre-act…and learn what he does NOT want to talk about during and right after the deed.
You don’t want your date life to go through El Nino, too, do you? Here, Cosmo spills some new styles for meeting men and snagging a stud—NOW!
So you've met a hot new dude, and everything's so perfect, you're sure <em>this is it!</em> Find out if the passion is made to last--or will soon fizzle out like a bonfire.
1. There's no June. If your new guy is tentative about discussing the future (as in, post-summer), he may consider your situation to be strictly casual. That said, most budding relationships focus on the present rather than the future, because
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