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Low-maintenance indeed!
Getting a haircut during the quarantine period is way, way, way different than our salon visits pre-pandemic: We must set an appointment first (walk-ins aren't allowed), and stylists must wear PPEs while servicing us. TBH, it's
Beauty doesn't have to be complicated.
We see other girls' beauty routines composed of a gazillion products, and we respect them for being ~*extra*~. But for some, this lifestyle isn't possible because it's expensive, time-consuming, and not to mention a recipe for
Never have a cut that's too short again!
We all know the feeling of asking for a trim, only to end up with radically shorter tresses than we expected. Thankfully, hairstylist Ramòn Garcia created a cutting technique that will reshape your hair without sacrificing its length. He calls it "
Low-maintenance hairstyles for anyone who hates regular salon trips.
Hairstylists always tell us that it's necessary to have regular trims to maintain your cut's shape. But how often can you get one, really?Let's be real: It's tough to include haircut appointments in
Budget-friendly, too!
Dyed hair refreshes your look and instantly makes your complexion brighter. But when you think about how expensive and time-consuming the upkeep is (Purple shampoos and root retouches don't come cheap, y'all!), you just have to think
Some people think low-maintenance relationships are ordinary, lifeless, and completely boring. WRONG!
When you have petty fights, you don't make a fuss about it in public.You would rather discuss your issues in private instead of showing everybody how you two settle an argument. Also, you don't share parinig posts on Twitter,
Her Starbucks order has like two words in it, so you can never say you forgot what she likes.
1. If she goes all out with her hair and makeup, you're contractually obligated to become a compliment factory. It took her four YouTube tutorials and pricey makeup products to look like that, and she has not even gotten to her
You're really cool and fun, but you're still going to be belittled.
1. Your makeup skills need improvement. You hardly ever wear makeup because you have nothing to hide on your face-you own up to your spots and lines-and you'd rather spend your time getting more sleep or generally taking your
Our November 2011 cover girl opens up her designer bag for the <i>second</i> time! See the bare essentials she had in it this time.
Back in 2009, we introduced you to then showbiz newbie Carla Abellana when she appeared on the cover of Cosmo for the first time. Two years later, the beautiful 25-year-old actress has become an even bigger star after garnering praise