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FYI, it's fun AF to play with.
Lubricant still (wrongly) seems to be thought of as something only two types of people use: horny teen boys who've found their dad's magazines or older women who have lost their natural lubrication later in life. This couldn&#
Like how it will seriously change your sex life.
Oh, lube. My favorite sex comrade. You're like the pit bull of sexual pleasure: You have such a bad reputation but, really, you have a heart of gold and just want to be loved.Ignore the bad rap it's got
Experiment with the slippery stuff to make your sex life more satisfying and exciting.
A sexy smile, good hands, rhythmic hips--no doubt, your guy has what it takes to get you off. But, there's one more thing that can seriously up your odds of climaxing. Experts agree that personal lubricant, a.k.a. lube,