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Harmless moves that'll leave him weak in the knees.
Wear RedPrevious research has proven that men think it's the sexiest hue, and a study from the University of Rochester reveals why. As it turns out, the male volunteers rated a woman as more open to having sex when she was
Turns out, dreamland is a naughty place! Learn how the two best things you do on a mattress are linked.
SEXY SLEEP SURPRISE 1: People Get Busy While SnoozingYou've heard of sleepwalking, but a small number of people have "sexsomnia," a real condition that spurs erotic activity like masturbation, fondling, and intercourse while sleeping, according to psychologist Michael Mangan, PhD, author
Read on to hear the randy requirements that will make you the woman of his wildest, naughtiest dreams.
Like most Cosmo readers, you no doubt strive to leave your mark in the well as on your man. What we mean is, you're not content with giving your guy just any ol' experience in bed. Instead, you want
Want to be "the one he loves" and "the one he <i>lusts</i> for"? Possess these bedmate qualities and be unforgettable in your man's sexual history.
You already got him head-over-heels in love with you, but you'd also like him to fall head-over-heels into bed with you--and with that same burning passion. Or, perhaps you're hoping to make a lasting impression
So, have you got pretty feet? If you do, you've just unknowingly armed yourself with another form of sexual power over most men.
Men's lust for beautiful feet goes beyond a potent stare: it's onto some succulent shrimping, a.k.a., toe-sucking, to enhance foreplay and to feed their insatiable feet fetish.There's an ongoing debate about why men love
Make nooky more exciting by trying these passion pointers--straight from the men. We guarantee neither of you would mind the intense heat from these moves.
Have you been feeling low-batt and <em>ngarag</em> all week? Get in the right mood as you satisfy your hunger pangs with these easy comfort treats.
1. Blues BusterIf you've been wallowing in the doldrums all week, whip up a dish of endorphins. This chemical is the body's natural antidepressant and painkiller, resulting in a sense of happiness. It's generally known that
Want a tell-all peek inside the mind of a male hottie? Listen in on this steamy convo with the men at Cosmo YOUniverse.
Cosmopolitan celebrated its 12th birthday with Cosmo YOUniverse, held at the TriNoma Activity Center on May 16. It was a day of fashion, beauty, pampering, and boys, boys, boys! ambushed some of the Hunks lurking all over the place and