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Looks like we had so much hugot last year.
We all know that Pinoys LOVE to sing along to any song under the sun-I mean, karaoke is our nation's pastime! Here, Google rounded up the top 10 song lyrics we all searched for in 2016. The chart topper? The
No one can mess with Team Taylor.
Actress Jaime King has spoken out about Kanye West's latest Taylor Swift diss, insisting it ruined her enjoyment of the rapper's fashion show and album launch in New York on Thursday.The Hart Of Dixie star was in the audience
Because we all get it wrong most of the time.
1. Sam Smith, "Like I Can"Actual lyric: "Stop deceiving, Lord please"Misheard lyric: "Stop his semen, Lord please"(2:05)2. Ed Sheeran, "Thinking Out Loud"Actual lyric: "Take me into your loving arms"Misheard lyric: "Take me into your lemon
If you can even call it that.
What do you think is the most used lyric of modern pop and indie songs? "Love?" "Yeah?" "You?" Nope.Reddit user MyNameIsPaulRobson noticed that a lot of modern pop and indie songs had a lot of "whoa-oo-ah" lyrics, so he