The list we’ve been waiting for is finally here!
If there's someone we can rely on to give us the real score on the most long-wearing foundations, it's definitely from flight attendants. The demands of the job for FAs require them to have a trusty base that will
We're talking HG status!
There's nothing a good lipstick can't fix. What else can you swipe on that instantly perks you up and gives you that added boost of confidence, right? These Pinays have stories to tell about their fave lippies. From gorgeous nude
Yes, it's coming to the Philippines!
PatrickStarrr, one of our favorite YouTube beauty gurus, has teamed up with MAC Cosmetics for a 12-piece limited-edition makeup line that will be launched in the Philippines in February 2018. Patrick, a Pinoy who grew up in the US, actually
Sadly, the internet's favorite highlighter-the RMS Beauty Living Luminizer-is not available in the Philippines. Hyped up as the best product to use if you want to add a fresh and sheer glow to your face, it easily reached cult
We made you a guide.
Ever wondered how you can spot fake MAC makeup? We made you a guide: Lesson learned? Stick to affordable but good-quality-and safe!-products if you don't want to shell out a lot of money for makeup. And should you
And it's as colorful as you'd expect it to be!
Remember when you were a kid and you had those adorable-and honestly sometimes terrifying-troll dolls? You know, the ones with rainbow-colored hair:Taking inspiration from the bright-hued 'dos of the dolls, MAC has created a limited edition makeup
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