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The content creator has had it with trolls and toxic users.
Over the past year, many people have been cutting back on their social media usage and have even chosen to deactivate their accounts. This weekend, content creator Macoy Dubs announced that he has deleted his Twitter account "for good" after being part
They gave us THE BEST content this year!
2020 was *really challenging*: there's even a Black Mirror-esque movie about it called Death To 2020! A lot of us have been cooped up inside our homes with our families and phones, and Pinoy creators rose to the challenge
From conyo girl to ~bhie~!
Most of us spend our free time on social media such as Twitter, YouTube, and the ever-popular TikTok. At this point, we can probably pinpoint and name a few people we can consider our faves. Many of them have even resorted
Keep yourself sane with their LOL-worthy videos.
Endless scrolling on your phone often brings you to two kinds of rabbit holes: cute dogs and news. They balance each other out because one makes you believe in the goodness of the world, and the other one, well, you get the
'Don't forget to register to vote and use protection always!' said Auntie Julie, probably.
All we want is a tita who won't greet us with an "Ay iha, tumaba kuh!" and we finally get to live that fantasy through Auntie Julie! Definitely the most popular alter ego of Macoy Averilla (a.k.a. Macoy
'You bless to ninang!'
Over the weekend, content creator and online personality Macoy Dubs introduced us to a fun, new "persona": Auntie Julie, your friendly neighborhood tita from Poveda who acts as if she's your barkada, calls everyone "anak," and knows practically everyone. She&#
Time to hugas, hugas, hugas, hugas!
Mark Averilla, the content creator behind social media account Macoy Dubs, is popular for his hilarious Tagalog-dubbed videos (remember THAT Mean Girls one?). He released a new vid on March 9, and this time it's an informative song about