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‘I found [her] taking trips and checking in to various hotels with him without my knowledge.’
It looks like the ongoing rift between Maggie Wilson and estranged husband Victor Consunji is getting more complicated. Tonight, August 7, the former beauty queen took to Instagram to post a new evidence against Vic.She started her IG stories by claiming
The former beauty queen provided video evidence on Instagram.
Maggie Wilson and Victor Consunji made headlines when the latter filed adultery charges against the beauty queen and her business partner, British-Thai entrepreneur Tim Connor. This happened just a day after Maggie took to social media that members of Victor's
Netizens pointed out how her new 'do makes her look like she's 'battle-ready.'
We're used to being wowed by Maggie Wilson on the regular, but her latest Instagram upload literally stopped us from further scrolling on our feeds. ICYMI, the former beauty queen-turned-influencer has officially chopped off her long tresses, joining her
Their electricity was also reportedly cut off while the rest of the houses within the vicinity remain to have lights on.
On Friday, July 15, Maggie Wilson shared an explosive Instagram post claiming that her ex-husband, Victor Consunji, is behind the traumatic incident that happened in her Taguig home today.In the aforementioned IG post, the former beauty queen accused VCDC, a
So effortless!
What does the perfect cocktail outfit look like? It's a question that we're pondering about as real-life parties recommence (Goodbye, Zoom) and invites to numerous soirées land in our inbox. Luckily, we found inspiration on Maggie Wilson's
The former beauty queen arrived with her rumored new boyfriend Tim Connor.
Maggie Wilson and estranged husband Victor Consunji, who had a controversial split last year, had an awkward run-in at the wedding of their mutual friend Misagh Bahadoran, a former Azkals player, last Tuesday, May 17.During the event held at Okada
'Thank you to my baby brother’s love and bean I am changed.'
Bea Santiago couldn't be happier with her recent successful kidney transplant.The Miss International 2013 titleholder shared her immense gratitude on social media as she received a kidney from her younger brother."NEW KIDNEY, WHO THIS?" Bea wrote in her
In his March birthday post for Maggie, Tim called her 'a great friend.'
ICYMI, Maggie Wilson recently played tourist in Thailand! The former beauty queen-turned-entrepreneur happily shared some travel-related #PoseLikeMaggie advice on social media. Plus, she got to experience a sacred ceremony of prayers and blessings before getting a 5 line Sak
'I'm so freaking happy for you, babe!'
Maggie Wilson is brimming with happiness over the good news she's received from her good friend, Miss International 2013 Bea Santiago.In an IG Story, the beauty queen rejoiced after learning that Bea had gotten a kidney transplant."Got a
We love her simple but chic style!
Maggie Wilson has a great sense of style. If you've been a follower of hers on IG, you'll notice that the influencer and former beauty has mastered the art of chic dressing. Her wardrobe is filled with classic,
'Having had each other to chat things through has been an absolute blessing!'
Maggie Wilson recently turned 33 and she's celebrating it in a special way: by the beach!It looks like the former beauty queen-turned-entrepreneur is currently in Thailand where she's spending time with her business partner, British-
A number of her ink is dedicated to her son, Connor.
Maggie Wilson's body is adorned with ink. Whenever she throws on a skin-baring swimsuit, you can catch a glimpse of her numerous and intricate body art, which ranges from line drawings to text. To find out what they mean,
'You might think everything is nice and peachy on the outside but this is what I have to deal with.'
Airing her frustration, beauty queen-turned-entrepreneur Maggie Wilson took to Instagram today to share that she has been denied access to photos from her son Connor's recently concluded 10th birthday party.She shared on Instagram Story a screenshot showing
'Greed! We have no price regulations in place.'
Maggie Wilson is *furious* with those selling overpriced antigen test kits amid rising cases of COVID-19 in the country.The former beauty queen-turned-interior designer took to IG Stories to air her frustration with people profiteering and taking advantage of
This is contrary to the zero animosity split she announced in September.
Maggie Wilson and businessman Victor Consunji's separation might not be as *amicable* as we initially thought.In an Instagram post, the former beauty queen-turned-interior designer expressed her frustration as arrangements to spend time with her son Connor on
The former beauty queen finally addressed the rumors once and for all.
In case you've been wondering if Maggie Wilson cheated on ex-husband Victor Consunji: the answer is ~no~.The former beauty queen-turned-entrepreneur cleared out her name via an Instagram story repost from her business partner and *rumored* boyfriend
Franki made it to the Top 300 candidates!
Pinoy Big Brother housemate Franki Russell announced that she has joined the first-ever Miss Universe United Arab Emirates (UAE) pageant!On Instagram, Franki posted, "Femininity doesn't make you weak, it's your super power.""I am so inspired
'We will always love and support each other.'
After almost 11 years of marriage, former beauty queen and interior designer Maggie Wilson and businessman Victor Consunji are calling it quits.Maggie announced the "challenging" separation in an Instagram post September 27, Monday. She said, "We want you to hear it
Definitely need those floor cushions!
For me, it *almost* doesn't matter what the rest of the house looks like as long as my bedroom feels like a sanctuary. It's where you begin and end your day; it's where you get to
Don't worry, Lucky Star is still there!
So many wonderful things are happening for our girl Mimiyuuuh! Not only has she finally moved into her family's new home, the content creator also landed a project called Eh Di Ikaw Na with Netflix Philippines. During Mimi's