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It's all about that high-rise cut.
Boob-baring maillots with dangerously high cuts and low backs are a dime a dozen these days, but if you're looking for the pioneer (at least in the local setting), look no further than Boom Sason. The fashion designer with the
Boost your bust with these options.
Barely there boobies are a good excuse to wear just about ~*anything*~ to the beach-no need to worry about slip-ups and support issues here! If you're a proud member of the itty-bitty chest committee, here are 11 bikinis
Flattering, not frumpy.
When you're gifted up top, buying swimwear isn't exactly a walk in the park. Not only do you have to find a chic OOTD-worthy style, you also have to make sure you won't end up
We totally understand.
There's something about summer that makes people want to wear bright colors. You? Well, if you clicked this, I think it's safe to say that you don't fall into that category. But really, are you even missing out? Black
No one does it like her.
Sarah Lahbati always kills it with her sexy pool- and beach-side snaps. Before the summer season sets in, allow the 23-year-old actress to school you in the art of taking the perfect swimsuit OOTD: 1. Use the black and
Time to retire your suit from five years ago.
Your favorite bikini may have turned heads during last summer's Laboracay festivities, so we don't blame you for wanting to cling on to it until it's properly worn out. But it's a new season-time to splash out
They're still really pretty, though!
We can't stress enough the importance of wearing sunblock every single day-yes, CGs, not just during the summer! Been slacking on the SPF front? Something tells us you're going to want to slather sunblock on every inch of your
You don't always have to wear a bikini!
Fact: One-piece swimsuits are giving bikinis a run for their money when it comes to sexy swimwear. With cuts and silhouettes that show off a perky butt and accentuate the shape of your body, these maillots are nothing like the ones
We're so ready for summer!
Being a tropical girl certainly has its perks! Thanks to our warm, sunny weather and to numerous beaches up and down the country, going on a spontaneous beach trip is always possible. You might even be reading this poolside or steps from
View the swimwear, midriff-baring tops, and mini skirts--paired with shoes from Marian's own closet--that she wore with confidence at our shoot!
Florals and frills, as well as bold, pastel, and neon colors figure largely in Summer 2012 fashion--and in the clothes Cosmo's styling team pulled out for April 2012 cover girl Marian Rivera."April is all about skin and summer, so
Pick your new swimwear from the many colorful bikinis, maillots, and one-piece swimsuits that our sexy cover girl wore in this month's cover story.
If you're just about to shop for your new sets of swimsuits for your upcoming beach trip, then why don't you take this as the opportunity to cop our March 2011 cover girl's looks? Channel Lovi Poe's sultry
Fun, fearless Pinays are lucky to be able to enjoy summer all year round here. So stop lamenting the end of the season and pick up more summer styling ideas!