Can someone please get him a crown already?
Paolo Ballesteros is known for his jaw-dropping transformations-from Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach to Emma Watson. His talent for turning himself into various celebrities and characters always gets him noticed by website giants like Refinery29, Allure, and Buzzfeed. Also, we&#
Minimal effort required!
Itching for a makeover but not sure how? No worries. Here, 7 ridiculously easy beauty moves you can do to revamp your look in seconds:1. Change up your partOne of the oldest tricks in beauty! Using a rat tail comb, ditch
Be kind to someone.
Because feeling and being beautiful isn't always about how you look, but how you feel and how you make others feel.1. Work out. Exercise elevates your mood and relieves you of stress, and bad mood and stress can make you
Stress tears at work? Here's how to fix your pretty face after a sob session.
1. "To calm your red, sore eyes, firstly apply cool, iced cotton pads 
or cold eye packs and leave on for five minutes," says expert Emma Hobson, education manager at The International Dermal Institute and Dermalogica. You can also use toilet paper
Feel brand new instantly!
When you're itching to get a makeover but you're not looking into something drastic, say, a haircut or hair color, there are other methods you can try to change your look. We've got prettifying suggestions below, and they will
We've got Coleen, Maja, Sarah, and more!
Here, a roundup of celebs who went through ~*major*~ hair transformations-long luscious locks chopped to edgy bobs and wild hair color changes that go from pink to blonde! Follow Jacinda on Twitter.RELATED:WATCH: Maja Salvador Is Our August 2015 Cover
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