And it's only been three years.
Pat McGrath Labs, the makeup line created by legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath, is now being valued at $1 billion (P53.4 billion). As Women's Wear Daily reports, the brand received a $60 million (P3.2 billion) minority investment from
They share their techniques for a plumper-looking pout.
If you were to mentally sort the contents of your makeup bag into the categories of products you use every day-the ones you save for special occasions and those you own but never use-lip liner would most likely fall in
These MUAs will turn you into a glowing bride!
You only get one chance to look good on your wedding, so make it count! On top of finding the perfect bridal dress and reception venue, don't forget to book a talented makeup artist to help you get ready for
Take notes from these beauty gurus.
Believe it or not, your favorite artistas don't look as flawless as they do on TV as soon as they wake up. Most of them are backed by a team of talented artists who make all the magic happen.Here,
She has almost three million YouTube subscribers and a fan base that spans the globe.
Any makeup artist and beauty junkie knows that "your makeup is only as good as your skin underneath." That's why finding the right products for your skin needs can make a world of difference when you're applying your foundations, eyeshadows,
If you thought Instagram beauty trends couldn't get more innovative than dragon brows or glossy lids, think again. Enter: Terrarium eyes, a makeup look that 19-year old MAC artist Ellie Costello (@makeupisart_x on Instagram) has been perfecting over the years.
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