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Their favorites might be your next holy grail products!
Here at, we're always incredibly curious (read: nosy) about the contents of the kikay kits of other Pinays. We just * love* getting recommendations based on the contents of their makeup bags!Last time, we raided the kits of
Check out their makeup bag must-haves here!
Here at, we're always curious about what Pinays carry in their everyday kikay kits. Whenever we spy on their bags, we discover their HG products that we can add to our collection!That said, we asked girls who
It's fun to know what other girls are using.
Here at Cosmopolitan, we're always curious to know what's inside the kikay kits of celebrities, influencers, and friends. We find it interesting to know what products work for them-that may probably suit us, too! It's
It's all about curation!
Every time vlogger and host Nicole Andersson attends the hottest parties and events, she's always spotted wearing a flawless, glam makeup look. So when we saw her IRL, we took the opportunity to ask about the exact items she uses.
See her beauty must-haves here!
We asked's Spotlight star for November, Maris Racal, to show us the makeup items she can't live without. Find out if you love the same stuff, too!VIDEO PRODUCED BY: Ira Nopuente VIDEO SHOT BY: Jean
Take these wherever you go!
If you always need to look presentable and confident in a snap, these are the beauty products you must keep in your work kikay kit.This special face cream nourishes the skin, blurs large pores, and diffuses fine lines. It creates a
You kinda want *and* need 'em.
You already know your basic beauty needs. Items like foundation, neutral eyeshadows, mascara, and lip tints are just few of the staples. On the other hand, there are special items you can play with on days when you want to look extra.
Yay, 4-day weekend!
Friday and Monday are holidays, so you know what that means-hello, long weekend getaway! Whether you're going to hit up ~*La Boracay*~ or jetting off to a different country for the weekend, don't forget to bring these
They're practical and so pretty!
When you're traveling, there's no shame in wanting to put your kikay products in a gorgeous case or bag. If you're going out of town this weekend or planning to hit the beach sometime next month, here are a
Pouches as chic as these aren't meant to be hidden inside your bag.