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Prices start at just P175!
Vice Cosmetics just launched something exciting! The local beauty brand just released four complexion brushes: a blush brush, contour brush, a highlighter brush, and a powder brush. Look how cute they are:The brand has been hinting about the release of the
Why did we not think of this?!
I can guarantee that one of the items on your quarantine to-do list right now is to clean your makeup brushes.We know all too well the hell that comes with cleaning your makeup brushes. It takes an eternity, your foundation
They're cruelty-free, too.
I've always been a big believer that your makeup tools can make or break your looks. (That's why it's better to just use your hands sometimes, tbh!) The brushes you use to buff and blend your products can either
Blend your makeup to perfection with these babies!
When you're a makeup newbie, you're excited to buy products for your kikay kit but you find yourself lost when choosing the correct tools. You see 16- or 24-piece makeup brush sets in stores and think to
Super important!
Washing your makeup brushes may seem like one of those no-brainer things, but it's actually an important task that even some true-blue beauty girls forget to do. It may be a tedious and boring chore, but you can *
Watch the vlogger and entrepreneur's Cosmopolitan BEAUTYCON segment here.
Cosmopolitan BEAUTYCON, the biggest beauty and wellness festival in the metro, was held from August 31 to September at the SMX Convention Center. Cosmo girls and boys flocked the venue to shop the coolest brands as well as meet and listen to
Nope, it's not an eyeshadow palette.
After recently announching on Instagram that she will be launching her own makeup brand, Filipino beauty YouTuber Michelle Dy has officially shown us a peek at what to expect from her line, Michelle Dy Basics by MD. The vlogger just released a
We can't stress it enough.
Your makeup brushes are partially the reason why your glam looks flawless, but over time, you might notice that they aren't working as well as they did the first time. Unless they're broken beyond repair, the reason why
A brush could make or break your whole look.
When you think of your makeup collection, your mind probably zones in on your foundations, palettes, and highlighters. Makeup brushes probably aren't the first things that pop into your head, but they're the unsung heroes of your beauty routine. With
Why buy individual brushes when you can get these?
If we had to choose between purchasing individual brushes vs brush sets for our makeup needs, we would, hands down, always choose the latter. Why? Because a brush set actually comes out being more affordable since you get more products for the
P500 for 10 brushes? We’re sold.
When we heard that YouTuber Anne Clutz released a 10-piece makeup brush set for beginners priced at P500 for the whole thing, we knew we had to get our hands on them. When she launched the product a few weeks ago,
It's time to move on.
Makeup brushes, unlike mascara or foundation, don't have a specific expiration date. If they are well taken care of, they could last for years. But like all good things, their existence will eventually come to an end. Below are the
Be afraid. Be very afraid.
The thought of having to clean your makeup brushes is off-putting because didn't you just wash them a few days ago? But once you read this woman's story, you'll be motivated to thoroughly cleanse all
These are hella good!
They say your makeup is only as good as your skin. But for us, it's only as good as your skin AND the makeup brushes you use. We know it's hard to find the perfect set because of all the
They have actual tails people.
Ok, so 2016 wasn't the best year I think we can all agree, but it wasn't all bad. If you can take a (small) break from playing "Careless Whisper" on repeat and hiding under your fleecy throw blanket, lets remember
Combining two of our loves!
Another day, another Harry Potter makeup product! A few days back, we wistfully sighed over the Hogwarts Houses-themed palettes dreamed up by one Reddit user. Now, feast your eyes on these beauties-ACTUAL makeup brushes that look like magic wands!The
Every kid from the '90s knows just how big of a deal Lisa Frank was back in the day. Those colorful, psychedelic merchandise were (are???) super covetable-seriously, the backpacks were a status symbol all on their own. And out of
E. coli, anyone?
Are you in the 72% of women who admit to never washing your makeup brushes? If so you might want to rethink things after reading this.The perfect breeding ground for bacteria (including nasties like E. coli and MRSA, by the way),
And it involves using something for your hair.
Remember two years ago, when polished top knots were all the rage? We were all so obsessed with putting our hair up in perfect buns that we even bought a couple of those hair donuts to get sleek hair 'dos.Today, polished
Here's what to do when your brush cleanser isn't working anymore.
Hate how your synthetic makeup brushes seem to be permanently stained from your liquid and cream makeup? Here's a quick beauty hack to fix that: Easy, right?Follow Retty on Instagram.