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'I tried my best and that's all that matters.'
We challenged another beauty girl, Teena Arches to try doing her everyday glowing makeup using her left hand. Watch the video below to hear Teena's funny comments and to see her finished look![youtube:{"videoId":"168","youtubeId":"tB8GgTo_IeA", "caption":""}]VIDEO
They were so adorable!
What's better than challenging your boyfie to do your makeup? Asking your dad! This is exactly what Alex Gonzaga did for her latest YouTube video. Instead of the typical no-makeup-makeup look, though, daddy Bonoy, who was "assisted" by
'Ang pretty ko na kaya!'
We never get tired of challenging Sue Ramirez to do crazy stuff on cam-we asked her to apply her makeup in five minutes flat before. This time, we asked her to create a glam, night-out look without a mirror. And
She applied falsies, you guys!!!
We challenged actress and singer Maris Racal to do a glam makeup look without a mirror-including falsies and eyeliner! The result is, well, you just have to see it for yourself! Watch how she pulls it off in the vid below: 
"Blending is life!"
Filipina beauty YouTuber Anna Cay is already a *pro* at creating both simple and complex looks, so we wanted to see if she could do her daily makeup routine in five minutes or less. Watch to find out if she succeeded!VIDEO:
We dare you to try this, CGs!
The Internet is never short of crazy makeup challenges-remember the one with 100 layers of makeup? But this new challenge, albeit less shocking than others from before, seriously put all your favorite beauty YouTubers' makeup skillz to the test. Say hello