Score thicker-looking lashes and perfectly-lined lids using the same waterproof product.
So you just ran out of liquid liner, huh? Don't fret! Your favorite waterproof mascara happens to be a multi-purpose product, too. Here's how you can get the most out of it:Step 1: Dip your eye liner brush
Celebrity makeup artist Jigs Mayuga spills how our March cover girl got her sexy summer glow.
Marian Rivera wowed her fans by showing off a bikini-ready bod on Cosmo's March cover, but it was her gorgeous golden tan that got everyone talking. With the help of makeup artist Jigs Mayuga, the Golden Screen TV Best Actress
The blue-eyed star captivates his <i>Pinoy</i> fans with his wit and Mike Ross antics during the Philippine leg of his Asian tour.
Suits star Patrick J. Adams, known for playing college dropout-turned-lawyer Mike Ross, was recently in Manila to promote his show's season two finale-and boy was he dressed to impress! Clad in a Marc Jacobs jacket and a pair
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