You only need two products!
If you think doing a glam eye makeup look will take eons to finish, well, ICYDK, a smoky eye is totes doable in less than a minute! All you need are two creamy eyeliners and your fingers! Don't believe us?
Look extra pretty in under a minute!
If you want to try something new without adding an extra 15 to 20 minutes to your routine, try these easy, one-minute hacks.This hack is for girls who are always puyat! A skin tone hue will bring out the whites
Here's how you can get the most out of this kilay must-have.
ICYDK, colored brow mascaras are ~*awesome*~-they add extra definition and shape to your kilay, and they don't melt off when you step outside. But do you know why they're one of our favorite makeup products ever? Because you can
Read here to learn how to get the most out of this everyday staple!
For a natural, long-wearing flush on the cheeks and lips, there's only one product to use: A lip and cheek tint. Now that you know the tints your favorite celebs swear by, we have five hacks that will make them
They're called 'dumpster divers' ICYDK.
In the west, where beauty stores like Sephora and Ulta exist, some people wait at the back of these shops for employees to take out the trash. Then, the treasure hunting begins-they carefully open the bags of junk and meticulously look
No, thank you!
Most strange makeup tips that pop up on the Internet are either funny or surprisingly effective. But once in a little Beauty Blender-shaped moon, someone invents a gross or worse, dangerous, hack. So before you try anything new, cross these items
We'll use regular old primers, TYVM.
The Internet never stops with its LOL-worthy makeup hacks: There's contouring with kitchen items, and blending foundation with actual male testicles or a condom. If you're a true beauty girl, you've probably heard of using
Come to think of it...
It's funny, but I've never really given much thought to the color of my nipples. But right now, I'm fighting a desperate urge to sneak a quick peek at my boobs because apparently, they are the key to finding
This is not a yolk.
Forget bra inserts-the newest unconventional way to apply your makeup has officially arrived.First discovered by beauty blogger Nadi (a.k.a., PopLuxe), hardboiled eggs make for surprisingly good makeup sponges. In a YouTube tutorial posted earlier this month, Nadi used
We're not making this up.
If you ever have a condom lying around and don't want to spend a hundred or so pesos on an actual Sili Sponge, you're in luck. Beauty enthusiast Laila Tahri has a hack involving the contraceptive that apparently results in
It's a game-changer.
Do-it-yourself beauty hacks can be hit or miss, but this latest lipstick trick that's sweeping the internet is one to take note of.It comes courtesy of beauty blogger Zohra, who recently shared a video of her DIY liquid
Tried and tested by a Cosmo editor.
Before today, never have I ever thought to reach into my underwear drawer, pull out a silicone boob pad, and use it as a makeup sponge. But while I was searching through the deep, dark depths of the internet recently, I came
Is holding our breath under water actually worth it?
Some time ago, we introduced you to a crazy beauty hack formulated by the Koreans: jamsu or diving. It was intimidating, to say the least. Plunging face first into a bowl of water FOR THIRTY SECONDS just to set your makeup? Seems
Surprisingly not as dirty as it sounds.
In today's edition of WTF Was She Thinking, one girl took contouring to a completely new place. While most of us are perfectly content accentuating our bone structures (or lack of it) using, you know, simple strokes, this girl went ahead
This Korean technique is called 'diving,' and we think we know why. LOL.
Trust the K-beauty fans at the Asian Beauty Reddit to clue us in on what's trending in the land of kimchi and Song Joong Ki! They just drew our attention to this makeup hack, and it'll definitely make you
Never be late again with these in your kit!
We're all guilty of hitting the snooze button more than we should in the morning. So in case you love sneaking in a few more minutes of sleep each day, here are 6 time-saving beauty products that will make getting
Hello, bright eyes!
If there's one body part that can easily give away how you feel, it's your eyes. When you're puyat and pagod AF, your eyes will definitely say that you haven't had a full eight-hour sleep. However, with
Which is, like, every day.
Living in a country where it feels like it's summer all year round, we Pinays are masters at keeping our makeup melt-proof. But in case you're new to makeup and still figuring out how to make sure your brows
Thank you, beauty geniuses!
1. Strobing.As amusing as contouring is, it really just wasn't for everyone. That's why when strobing made it big, we peed our big girl pants in excitement. The result? Skin that looked like it was naturally glowing and healthy.
We're not kidding!
Not all of us are ~*talented*~ enough to paint on a perfect cat eye smoothly on our lids. That's why everyone is so obsessed with finding the next shortcut, beauty hack, or tool that will help fix this
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