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Look at that ~*glow*~.
You can't ever go wrong with a natural makeup look. It's pretty easy to do, and it simply highlights your ~best assets~. One celeb who has *mastered* this makeup style is Elisse Joson. Luckily, the actress uploaded a
Every look she wears is a total serve.
When it comes to youthful LOTDs, you can always count on Cassy Legaspi to go the extra mile. We usually spot her sporting simple eye looks and glossy lips, but honestly, every look she wears is a total serve! Her IG feed
She always looks so fresh!
If you need a peg to turn to when creating a fresh makeup look, Elisse Joson is your girl! The 26-year-old actress is a big fan of natural makeup looks. Just scroll through her IG grid, and you'll
We're impressed!
It's been a few weeks since Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha's finale aired, and we have yet to move on from our fave ~*healing*~ drama. Apparently, the same goes for Raiza Contawi, who recently uploaded a video recreating Yoon
It's ~Hot Girl Summer~ all year round!
Fact: Zoom meetings are an inescapable staple in our WFH lives. During the times when having your camera on is required, it pays to look a little more ~presentable~ than just being in our pambahay clothes. However, if you only have five
Say hello to glowy skin and glossy lips.
Hello there! Something you might notice when watching (or rewatching, let's be real here, LOL) your fave K-dramas is how the female leads have a *default* makeup look. They usually have ~*glowy*~ skin, straight brows, a soft wash of
The classic early '00s look has been given a 2021 update!
One of the biggest style trends to have come in recent years is Y2K-and given fashion's cyclical nature, we're totally not surprised! From baby tees, pleated skirts, baguette bags, chunky shoes, and more, this style has taken
Think glam without the glitz. You'll see.
There's a time and a place for cut-crease eyeshadow, a super-sculpted contour, and some bold red lipstick (and for some people, that time and place is always and forever-which, hey, can you teach me?!). But for the
You don't need to use brushes for this one!
On days when you want to look extra cute, makeup is your best friend. A few taps of blush and a little bit of eyeshadow and lipstick can go a long way in boosting your mood! That said, if you need some
It's the 'new glow up.'
I first came across the term "skinimalism" in a Popsugar article. It was declared that skinimalism will be he biggest beauty trend of 2021. Pinterest also said that "skinimalism" is the new glow-up everybody will be embracing. This buzzy word has
We're obsessed.
ICYMI, Alex Gonzaga and long-time beau Mikee Morada are married! The couple wed in an intimate ceremony back in November 2020. It was held in her family home in Taytay with only close friends and family in attendance.The spotlight was
Easy peasy.
Before anything else, we just want to clarify that minimal makeup looks aren't just about neutral hues and MLBBs. You can still actually play with highlighters and bright hues while keeping everything low-key. In fact, we found pretty celeb-
Effortless and easy!
Now that Anne Curtis is a new mom, she's leaning more into low-key makeup looks-those that she can get her ready in a jiffy. In fact, her recent BLK Cosmetics collections feature multipurpose products that can serve many
Level up your skills!
Hi, y'all! I have a project for you: Why not try to practice celeb-approved looks that are incredibly easy? These don't require pro MUA skills, but they create maximum impact. They're perfect for makeup newbies
New Year, new you!
If one of your New Year's resolutions was to experiment more with makeup, we gotchu, fam! We know it can be intimidating to try ~intricate~ eyeshadow looks, bold lipsticks, or bright blushes, so we collected the coolest yet easy lewks
Don't take these pics for granted.
Come to think of it, ID photos are forever. Government IDs are valid for as long as you live (or stay here in the Philippines), and you use passports, driver's licenses, company IDs for years. Don't you think
They're all super easy to copy!
We know putting on makeup is hard. It can be a challenge to think of the shades that will look good together on our eyes, cheeks, and lips. Thankfully, we can take a cue from Angelina Cruz's makeup looks! She
In 20 shades of beige and brown.
A ~nude~ makeup look is the epitome of a classic and timeless look. It can make everybody appear chic and polished-no matter what your skin tone is-and it's so easy to do because you literally need only one
It can instantly pull any makeup look together.
Janella Salvador's most defining facial feature may be her lush, thick eyebrows, but when it comes to makeup, she likes to emphasize a different part of her face: Her lips. How does she do it? With red lipstick, of course!