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Here's how you can look your best when sporting your specs!
Knowing the right makeup look is extra challenging when you sport glasses on a daily basis. And since we know just how difficult it can be to navigate through your daily beauty looks when sporting specs, we're here to help
Your brows are groomed, but you used the wrong shade of brow product to fill them in. And that is never okay.
1. You don't take care of your skin. Makeup can only do so much. If you have bad skin, it will show through, even if you pile on the most potent concealers in the market. Invest in a good skincare routine-
Easy on the powder, girl!
Here, some makeup boo-boos that are adding 10 years to your appearance:1. Staying matte. We get it-you don't want your foundation to move so you pile on the powder in hopes of locking everything in. Truth is, layering