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Happy Valentine's Day! Love is truly in the air, and you can celebrate the occasion in many different ways-dinner, flowers, and movie dates are just some classic suggestions. The celebration doesn't have to stop there, though. You
We. Want. Everything!
Another day, another ~new~ makeup collection! This time, it's our favorite "YouTuber-slash-singer-songwriter-actor-actress-athlete-activist-scientist" Bretman Rock collaborating with cruelty-free and affordable beauty brand Wet n Wild. (In case you didn't know,
Fresh pa rin!
I'm hyper-aware that my T-zone gets shiny by midday, so I'm mindful about using products that will do their very best to control oil. The true test came when I had to ride Angkas (a motorcycle
Here's when and where it'll be released!
This is not a drill, you guys-Selena Gomez is coming out with her own beauty line called Rare Beauty! The singer said on Instagram, "Being rare is about being comfortable with yourself. I've stopped trying to be perfect-I just
That color selection, though!!!
Attention, all makeup junkies! Fenty Beauty just recently released a line of eyeliner pencils. Introducing Flypencil, a creamy, smudge-proof, and water-resistant retractable eyeliner pencil that promises seamless application and extreme pigment. It comes in a triangular shape packaging that makes
Start fresh in 2020.
It's the beginning of the year, which is a good time to start decluttering. It's a daunting task, but there are ways to make the whole process less painful. We came up with six easy tips you can
Whatever your budget may be.
Years ago, finding the perfect foundation to match your skin tone was a challenge, especially if you're morena. Thankfully, everything has changed now because beauty brands are more aware that the need for inclusive shade ranges is real. Shopping is
We've got dewy AND matte finishes!
Hello, you can finally breathe a little easier, because guess what? It's payday today! Next up on our Sweldo Splurge series? Cushion compacts!In our opinion, cushion compacts are one of the best products that the K-beauty world has
We're going all out!
13th month pay is one of the things we look forward to towards the end of the year. 'Cos let's face it: Seeing our ATM payroll accounts' balance after payday makes us feel like millionaires!That said, we
Presenting, your morena beauty starter pack.
You step inside the mall, and you're ready to spend to begin your makeup journey. But, you don't know exactly where to start. You scour through aisles of products, but they all look the same. Does this situation sound
And he’s gonna say Jaclyn's palettes are expensive.....
Jeffree Star may have just launched his Conspiracy collection with Shane Dawson, but if you thought he was taking a break from new makeup releases, think again.To celebrate the fifth anniversary of Jeffree Star Cosmetics, the self-made millionaire is launching
We're so excited to cop them!
On November 20, cosmetics giant Ever Bilena introduced new EB, Careline, and Blackwater products at their Annual Thanksgiving Party at Whitespace Manila. Aside from the fun party games and delicious food, we were also given a chance to get a glimpse of
Create a plakado look without spending a lot.
Who here is too tamad to retouch her face? Or sometimes, you just forget to powder your shiny T-zone because you're a busy career woman, right? If you went on nodding while reading the first two lines, then this
‘No regrets with my purchase–I really loved it!’
Remember the feeling when you received your very first sweldo and the world seemed full of possibilities? Or when you saved up enough money to purchase the product you were dreaming of with a *super hefty* price tag? It was probably one
Draw attention to your eyes with these sparkly liners.
This holiday season, give your usual black and brown eyeliners a much-needed break and ready your peepers for its ~*sparkly*~ counterpart! Glitter eyeliners can immediately amp up your MOTD and make you look party-ready in seconds.Below, we have compiled
Create a ~variety~ of looks with these palettes!
Hello, you can *finally* breathe a little easier because guess what? It's almost payday! Next up on our Sweldo Splurge series? Eyeshadow palettes!Trust us when we say that investing in a high-quality eyeshadow palette is always a good
Get a high-shine pout with low-cost products!
Lip gloss has gotten a bad rap for being notoriously greasy and sticky-as in, your-hair-gets-caught-in-it-kapag-humangin-sticky. However, 2019 is the year of the glossy lip comeback, with our favorite beauty brands coming out with
We're hoping to look good as Rosé, tbh.
In case you've been living under a rock, BLACKPINK is taking the world by storm with their catchy tunes and amazing dance moves. Not only that, but the BP girls are also famous for their head-turning makeup. Roseanne Park
There's one for every budget!
Blush is a must-have in any girl's kikay kit. The right shade and formula will create a more radiant and youthful glow-you'll appear fresh and blooming in an instant. When you're too tamad to
You'll love them. We promise!
Here's a revelation: Cream and stick eyeshadows don't get the attention they deserve. These hardworking products could be the ~*best*~ thing that will ever happen to your makeup routine. Don't believe us? Maybe these reasons will convince you.Working
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